APPROVED June 8 2022 Council Minutes

Vice President Rodney Scott called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:00 pm June 8, 2022. If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting.

The Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call: PRESENT: Ed Bartosiewicz, Gary Chase, Rodney Scott and Mayor Stokes. ABSENT: Thomas Stinnett.

Motion to approve May 11, 2022 Council Meeting minutes.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve, G. Chase Seconded.   Unanimous.

Motion to approve May 18, 2022 Special Council meeting minutes. G. Chase motioned to approve, E. Bartosiewicz Seconded. Unanimous. 

Rodney reported that since May 18, 2022 we were made aware that ductile iron piping is available, this is the choice that Council would have voted on if the piping was available without a long delivery time. We will amend the material contract to Option 1- (ductile Iron pipe material) $21,784.82 plus the same alternate #1 $4,325.00, cost difference is $6,297.50. A motion needs to be made and a vote taken, to ratify these changes since the special meeting.  G Chase motioned to Ratify the May 18, 2022 minutes, E. Bartosiewcz seconded.  Unanimous.  

CORRESPONDENCE:  None received.


President: Absent.

Vice President: Rodney reported that President Tom Stinnett is not feeling well and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Mayor: Mayor Stokes reported that he had the honor to participate in the Annual American Legion post #950 Memorial Day parade on May 29, 2022.  Mayor Stokes received a few complaints about early morning (5:30-6:00 am) noise from Philo Insulation fireproofing located at 1024 Easton Road. They have received a few ordinance enforcement letters in the past and Mayor Stokes would like them to receive a reminder of the noise times.  Mayor Stokes guided 2 visitors from Ireland that were exploring Riegelsville.

Report: Sherry Masteller appointed Open Records Officer (ORO) 
May 2022

1~RTK requests received from Mr. Robert Ryan.

1~ RTK final response within 5 business days.


Open Records Officer Hours:  1 Hours/ Total $19.70 to process, gather documents and if needed forward requests to agencies of the Borough.  Solicitor fees:  May: $250.00    

COMMENTS OF CITIZENS:  Please state your name, you have 3 minutes to speak.

6-Borough residents.  No one spoke.


Community Affairs: Thomas Stinnett called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm on May 18, 2022.

If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting.

Members Present: Thomas Stinnett, Ed Bartosiewicz, Gary Chase and Rodney Scott.

Others Present: Frank Preedy- Borough EMC, Jim Kopchak-Zoning officer, Mayor Stokes, Becky Finberg- Library Youth Service Coordinator and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

3- Borough residents present.

Concerns from citizens: Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

Nothing to report.


Zoning: Jim Kopchak, Borough Zoning Officer reported to Council his May 2022 report

Permits: 2- Building permit: Standby Generator, New exterior door. 2-Zoning permits: Shed, Fence.

Enforcement Activities:

129 Maplewood Road- Flood elevation certificate was received in December. Two sets of plans with the RFE and Floodplain ordinance data is needed for our floodplain manager to review, have not been received.  April 6, 2022 a non-traffic citation was filed. Court date is scheduled for June 1, 2022 unless plans come in before.

808 Durham Road update: No new updates, Frank Preedy, Riegelsville EMC suggested the property owner may be able to get DCNR to purchase the property through a FEMA grant.

601 Easton Rd, Wendy Breyer and Bob RyanNo new update.  No further enforcement action will be taken by the Zoning Officer until the validity of the sign ordinance is resolved and the directive from our solicitor is received. Mr. Dudeck, Borough Solicitor is reviewing the current sign ordinance.

Property Maintenance Violations:

141 Delaware Road, 118 Fern Road and 224 Easton Road have until June 21, 2022 for compliance.

No scheduled ZHB meetings.

Nothing new on Stop work order at 702 Durham Road. Tom stated that the property owner did not attend the last 2 Riegelsville Planning Commission meetings.  

Library News: Borough office received from Terri Randolph (Director) the April 2022 Directors report minutes and they have been filed.  Becky Finberg- Library Youth Service Coordinator reported the Book Sale was very successful, profit of $4659.00. The annual letter is underway and has brought in 94 responses.  The library is providing two young adults to do the readings “In Flanders Field and The Gettysburg Address” for the Memorial Day parade on May 29, 2022. The library has 55 followers on Instagram.

Fire Co. News: E. Bartosiewicz reported to Council they continue to go on calls. They have not received anything formal from Springtown Fire Company to join the consolidation yet.

Riegelsville Enhancement Committee:  No report received.  Sherry Masteller, Borough Secretary reported that the committee volunteers have been working hard planting and mulching before Memorial Day, everything looks very pretty.

UBREMS (Upper Bucks Regional EMS) News: E. Bartosiewicz reported that there are new board members, they are working on avenues to increase funding. They also are looking for two new buildings.


Rec Board News:  R. Scott reported all 4 teams (T-Ball, 6/7/8 Softball, 13 U baseball and Men’s baseball) have been busy with practice and games. Concession stand has been open during the T-Ball and Softball games.

Riegelsville Emergency Management:  F. Preedy reported that he attended the quarterly Palisades Emergency Management meeting on May 11, 2022. They are updating their out of district evacuation sites in the event of an emergency. Facilities safety and security software are being updated, administration reported that if the internet was down they would go back to pen and paper like before.  Suggestion for Fire Companies, EMS, and EMT be represented at career day events for the students. Bill Shick –Fire Chief shared that members of the Fire Company are sharing a pre-prom presentation. Ryan Pankoe- UBREMS would like to help next year with this presentation too.  Frank shared his concerns over tornados and encouraged the district to participate in County training and drills.  Frank suggested to look into the Association of Boroughs for information that will help UBREMS to receive Insurance payments for Ambulance/EMT services directly now they are sent to the patient. The patient should forward to UBREMS but that does not happen all the time.

Riegelsville Planning Commission:  T. Stinnett reported they met on May 2, 2022 and discussed working on updating the Flood plain/ Storm water Ordinance. Todd Myers, Borough engineer attended the meeting and will work with David Brandes to update the Ordinance. A meeting/call is being put together with FEMA representatives and members of Planning Commission to discuss the Flood plain ordinance.

Misc.:   Bob Ryan asked Council if we should have the Chief of UBREMS come to a Borough meeting to discuss these issues.  T. Stinnett stated Ryan Pankoe did attend a meeting not too long ago and discussed the insurance payment issue. REMARK: The meeting was December 1, 2021 Finance meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:28 pm.  Next meeting June 15, 2022 7pm 

Utilities: Rodney Scott called the Utilities meeting to order at 7:28pm on May 18, 2022.

If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting.

Members Present:   Rodney Scott, Ed Bartosiewicz, Gary Chase and Tom Stinnett.

Others Present: Frank Preedy- Borough EMC, Mayor Stokes and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

3- Borough residents present.

Concerns from Citizens:  Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

No one spoke.


Office renovation: Rodney reported that he will be finishing a few things in the office and get the furniture in.  The employees will start getting the equipment back in too.

Covid funds/Water main connection project: Council reviewed the material quote review and recommendations from Cowan Associates- Borough Engineer. Right after this meeting the Borough Council will hold Special Council meeting to vote.

Elmwood Lane/ Bidwell Road project: Council reviewed the Elmwood Road/Bidwell Road paving project construction cost estimate from Cowan Associates- Borough Engineer.  This will also be voted on at the Special Council meeting next.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:41 pm Next meeting June 15, 2022   7pm 

Streets & Properties: Ed Bartosiewicz called the Streets & Properties meeting to order at 7:02 pm on June 1, 2022.  If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting. 

Members Present: Ed Bartosiewicz, Gary Chase, Rodney Scott and Tom Stinnett.

Others Present: Mayor Stokes and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

Comments from Citizens:   Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

6-Borough residents present.

Bob Ryan, Borough resident reported to Council that there is a shingle lifted on the Borough building. Ed asked the location, Bob Ryan said the back above the office. REMARK: Cowan Borough Engineer sent an email in reference to the warranty of the Borough Roof late today June 8, 2022, Sherry will forward to Council tomorrow.


Borough Office renovation update: Rodney reported that on Wednesday May 25, 2022 he went up to help set up the office with Sherry and Tammy. The only thing we are waiting on from the contractor is the new lens for the light.  Rodney asked Sherry when we would be ready to open the office. Sherry stated that RCN needs to be contacted since it is not working correctly. Sherry does not want to move the computer back before a meeting in case we need to contact tech support, hopefully the fourth week of June if everything is transferred. Remark: RCN was called about the router and it is working correctly now. 

Borough Building front porch/tenant stairs update: Ed reported that he has heard back from one contractor that he called and they are not interested. Rodney asked what is needed for this project. Ed stated there is rot on the southeast on the porch and replace stairs. Rodney will look at it with Ed after the meeting.

Elmwood Ln/Bidwell Ln road project update. The project estimate was approved during the May 18, special Council meeting and Cowan, Borough Engineer was notified.  The next step is to get the bidding documents together.  Bob Ryan reported that he has water that runs into his yard and wondered if grading is part of the specs. Rodney said he will make sure engineer looks at the run off.

Pedestrian Bridge board update: Ed and Rodney will meet at the bridge on Friday June 3, to replace a board.

Chevy dump truck update: The Chevy dump has corrosion/rust issues and needs to be inspected this month. Rodney suggested getting Riegelsville Auto to give us a quote.

Library Front door: Ed and Rodney will look at the door after tonight’s meeting.

Meeting adjourned 7:12 pm Next Streets/Properties meeting will be held on July 6, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

Finance: Gary Chase called the Finance meeting to order on June 1, 2022 at 7:12 pm.

If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting.  

Members Present:

Gary Chase, Ed Bartosiewicz, Rodney Scott and Tom Stinnett

Others Present: 

Mayor Stokes and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

Comment from Citizens:  Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

6 Borough residents present.

Borough resident, Bob Ryan, asked if there is an answer to his RTK request for full audit reports from Borough Auditor- Zelenkofske Axelrod LLC for year ending December 31, 2021.  During the May 11, 2022, Council meeting, Tom had stated the auditor designs the audit procedures to mitigate risks as all client’s accounting practices are different. Rodney stated that there was an email to the Auditor after the Council meeting. REMARK: Bob Ryan was emailed the correspondence from the Auditor on June 2, 2022


Gary reported that Council has received 3 Letters of interest for the vacant Council position, and they were invited to tonight’s meeting, if available, to introduce themselves to Borough Council. Two were present, Tami Booth Corwin and Roger Vonah.  Bob Ryan stated that he will also be sending a Letter of interest by the due date of June 6.  Gary asked if he wanted to introduce himself, and he did, too. The candidates each discussed their backgrounds, qualifications and why they would like to serve on Council.

Gary reported to Council that the “Septic Maintenance Ordinance” revisions are completed. Draft #245 Septic Ordinance was forwarded to Bill Dudeck, solicitor, to proof and to put together the legal ad.  Council will be voting on the advertising during the June 8, 2022, Borough Council meeting.

Council received final pay application #2 from the S&S Electric Services.  The total was $29,382.18.  Cowan Associates recommends for approval, and this will be added to Council agenda June 8, 2022. Payment will be withheld until the final contract documents are received. REMARK: Final contract documents were received today June 8, 2022.

Gary reported that he continues gathering information for a standardized email platform for the Borough.

Gary spoke to Keith Deluca with Nockamixon Township in reference to what they use.  Nockamixon uses a company in Willow Grove called Scantek for document management, and they use Outlook for their email.

The brush mower maintenance kit is to be delivered. Gary talked to Matt, and he said the brush mower is saving him time, and he is able to get more done without using the weed whacker.

Gary reported that next, Council will be revising the Borough By-Laws.  Gary would like Council to review the Library By-Laws as well.

The AC in the west side of the meeting room needs to be replaced, and Matt has been comparing prices. The range is $550.00-$580.00. This will be added to the June 8, 2022, Council agenda.

Gary asked Sherry to email Tom Murtha for an update on the well installation.  Tom Stinnett reported that Tom Murtha had asked Durham Township to join their agricultural security areas, and that we would need to pass a resolution to allow Mr. Murtha to join Durham’s ASA.  Tom invited Bill Dudeck, Borough solicitor, to our Council meeting on June 8, to discuss this further.

Gary reported that from February- May 2022, the Borough has spent $1,938.41 in legal fees and Borough employee wages on Right to Know (RTK) requests for this time period.

Council looked over the financials, and Gary asked for clarification on “James Keogh Farrier Service”- Tom stated he is mower for the Borough properties.

Borough resident, Bob Ryan, asked if Matt is the one that cleaned the edge of 611 in front of the Borough Hall and by the Traffic light (Borough hill property). Tom Stinnett answered was, “Yes, we keep that clean.” Mayor Stokes said that PennDOT should be here in July to clean the streets and that we will hire Perkasie to do the drain cleaning.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.  Next Finance meeting will be held July 6, 2022, immediately following Streets/Properties

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: If anyone has any questions please comment prior to the vote.

Motion for nominations to appoint “President Pro Tempore” to replace Kate Brandes. Rodney suggested to table until next month when the new Council person is appointed.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approves to table, G. Chase seconded.  Unanimous

Approval to purchase a new 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner up to an amount of $580.00. G. Chase motioned to approve, E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous

Approval to advertise Ordinance #245 “An ordinance governing municipal management and maintenance of on-lot sewage disposal facilities in the Borough of Riegelsville, Bucks County, PA” G. Chase motioned to approve, E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous

Approval of final pay request #2 (Borough office renovations) recommendations from Cowan Associates $29,382.18 to S&S Electrical Services, Inc. (hold payment until final documents are received).  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve, G. Chase seconded.  Unanimous

Approval for Cowan to post “Edgewood Water main extension project”, in Penn Bid and Newspaper (Borough Secretary puts in the newspaper). G. Chase motioned to approve, E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous

Approval to participate in the 2022-2023 Joint Rock Salt Bid with BC Consortium. G. Chase motioned to approve, E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous

Approval $1,056.29 ($528.15-G.F., $528.14-W.F.) to Riegelsville Auto (Chevy steering leak). E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve, G. Chase seconded.  Unanimous

Approval $754.10 to LB Water Service, Inc. (Curb box & rods). E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve, G. Chase seconded.  Unanimous

Approval $435.00 to Pennsylvania Lock & Key Co. (Borough office). G. Chase motioned to approve, E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous

Approval $1,153.50 to Westside Hammer (street light repair/replace-pedestrian bridge) E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve, G. Chase seconded.  Unanimous

Council Vacancy: Rodney stated that Council received 2 more letters of intent from Michael Pulsinelli and Robert Ryan by the June 6, 2022 cutoff date.  Michael Pulsinelli introduced himself, discussed his background and qualifications and why he would like to serve on Council. Rodney asked if either of the candidates that were present wanted to add anything else from when they introduced themselves during the finance committee meeting on June 1, 2022.  They all stated they had nothing more to add.  Rodney stated he suggests we table the vote to appoint the Council vacancy by a special meeting due to Council President not being present to cast his vote. Rodney suggested to have the Special Council meeting on June 15, after the Committee meetings.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to advertise the Special meeting to vote on Council Vacancy, G. Chase seconded.  Unanimous.

Rodney thanked all the Borough residents that are willing to serve on the Borough Council.

Bob Ryan, Borough resident asked why the Borough office locks needed to be changed since they were done not too long ago.  Rodney stated they needed to be changed due to the renovations. The new ones that were installed during renovations needed to be upgraded to secure keys.  

NEW BUSINESS:  Rodney reported that today Council received an email from Senator Mensch in reference to 2022 Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) funding program.  Application period is open through June 30, 2022. We might be able to put this together in time. Gary and Rodney will look into this.  

APPROVAL OF BILLS:   E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve bills.  G. Chase seconded.  

Meeting adjourned 7:37 PM.

Next Council meeting July 13, 2022 at 7:00pm

 Tuesday June 14, 2022 Borough Offices closed “Flag Day” and Monday June 20, 2022 “Juneteenth observed”.








Sherry Masteller

Borough Secretary




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