Rville Enhancement Committee

The Riegelsville Enhancement Committee is committed to enhancing and preserving the close-knit community of one of Bucks County’s best kept secrets, the borough of Riegelsville.

Comprised of both life-long Riegelsville residents and recent Borough citizens, the Committee works to maintain and promote Riegelsville’s historic charm, cultural allure, and strong sense of community through fundraisers, volunteerism, and community projects. The Enhancement Committee restores and maintains little gems around town such as the pocket garden near the post office, while also improving and publicizing the town’s accessibility to local state and county resources such as the towpath. Whether it’s noticing a springtime pansy planted down by the footbridge, parking your bike in a new bike rack, or enjoying a cup of coffee an a comfy bench, it’s likely that the Riegelsville Enhancement Committee helped get it there.

The Enhancement Committee meets the fourth Wednesday of each month and welcomes new members to join Elaine Albrecht, Joanne Walsh, Ed Bartosiewicz, Tom Stinnett, Bob and Nettie Rainey, and Maria Radus.