Online Payments

Online payments are now being accepted, please click on the appropriate payment links below or scan the QR Code, which will take you directly to the payment page.


County Borough and Per Capita tax paymentsCounty/Borough and Per Capita Tax Payments
**Please pay only County/Borough and Per Capita tax payments using this link**
Palisades School District Real Estate TaxesPalisades School District Real Estate Tax Payments
**Please pay only Palisades School District Real Estate Taxes using this link**
Water Bill PaymentsWater Bill Payments
**Please pay only Water Bill payments using this link**
General PaymentsGeneral Payments
**Please pay only General payments, i.e. permits, copies, rentals, etc. using this link**


Schedule of Gov-Pay Fees:
Convenience Fees – Paid by Cardholders:

Transaction Type Credit/Debit Card (no PIN) Debit w/PIN
Online (Internet): 2.50% of tranx amount/Minimum $3.00 N/A
*Face-to-Face: 2.50% of tranx amount/Minimum $3.00 1.95% of tranx amount/Minimum $3.00
*Phone (Clerk-assist): 2.50% of tranx amount/Minimum $3.00 N/A
*Not available at this time


Gov-Pay is a 3rd-Party facilitator for government payments. Your Convenience Fees are calculated by Gov-Pay and added to your sub-total. The Convenience Fee will be listed as a separate charge item by GovPayFee on your Card Statement.

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a payment confirmation email from [email protected]