May 2014 Council Minutes

President Thomas E. Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:09 p.m. May 14, 2014. Following the Pledge of Allegiance the roll call was taken.  PRESENT: Edward Bartosiewicz, Thomas Stinnett, Rich Pursell, Kathleen Weiss and Mayor Stokes. ABSENT Rodney Scott.  K. Weiss motioned to approve the minutes of theApril 9, 2014Council Meeting and E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous. 


            Letter received from Louise Fink’s Daughters-Barb, Sue and Jan, thanking Borough Mayor and Council for the memorial flowers for their mother.

            Borough office received the Annual report from Tilley Fire Equipment Co. for the Borough’s Extinguishers.

            Borough office received a letter from Tom Gahman, owner of 1126 Easton Road requesting to change his water billing to one unit since he has not had another tenant in the building.  Riegelsville Auto currently in one part of the building.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to change the water bill to one connection. K. Weiss seconded.  Unanimous.

            Letter dated April 24, 2014 from RCN- notice of intention to renew franchise for the Borough.  It expires 4/11/17.

            Borough office received a call in reference to putting a food truck at 919 Easton Road (Oscar’s Garage) on the weekends.  S. Masteller discussed this with Jim Kopchak, Borough Zoning officer and he researched the Borough ordinances and stated that the Borough Council would be making the decision to allow the Food Truck. Council had a discussion and would like S. Masteller to send a letter stating; Council approves a temporary parking of the food truck until August 31, then reevaluate. The concern is that customers are going to try and park on southbound side of Route 611. Council will be monitoring for any public safety issues. E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve the temporary parking until August 31, 2014.  R. Pursell Seconded.  Unanimous                               


            President – T. Stinnett announced that there is a new business in the Borough “Village Flowers & Gifts” at #801 Durham Road.  

            Mayor Mayor Stokes reported to Council that a dog that was running loose on the Canal came across the empty canal and killed a cat on a Borough resident’s porch.  Mayor Stokes helped with a neighborly dispute.  Mayor Stokes will be helping Dennis Miller during Election Day May 20th, 2014.  72 Tons of infield mix was put on the large ball field at the Borough Park.  Mayor Stokes over 45 league has their first game on Sunday May 25, 2014.

 COMMENTS OF CITIZENS   None to report.


Community Affairs:  Guest Speaker: Robert Loughery, Bucks County Commissioner introduced himself to the Borough Council and the Borough residents. Mr. Loughery reported a few of the bigger issues that they are working on at the County level.  Bucks County has a 407 Million dollar budget and a 24 million dollar deficient. Since 2012 they have reduced employee head count to 2600. 2014 head count is approximately 2380 with a 9% reduction.  They have 40 Million in reserve.  New justice center will open in 2015.  The current Court house is being repurposed so other County offices can be moved to the Court house. Then those properties will be put on the tax rolls.  911 narrow banding project costs 42 million.  Bucks County Open Space fund has extended the planning deadline. Borough Resident, Roger Vonah asked Mr. Loughery if there was any money available to pave the Fire House parking lot due to challenging for those with walkers or wheelchairs. Mr. Vonah stated that the paving would cost around $51,000.00. Mr. Loughery will look into what grant monies are available for the Borough to apply for. The Fire Co. parking lot is owned by the Borough.


Zoning: Jim Kopchak, Borough Zoning officer reported to Council that two electrical permits were issued.   

 DeBartolo pending court date May 7, regarding installation of gutters/downspouts and fascia


Myers property at 936 Fairmont Road has a TCO so they can occupy the dwelling. They need to  

complete final grading and exterior gutters/downspout. Need to provide a landing at the front door.

Mike Cavallaro presented preliminary hand drawn sketches for new use at 801Durham Road (Proposed

Retail flower shop). Jim identified the need to comply with Pa Act 45 for change of use group. Upon visiting the property with Mr. Cavallaro, Jim identified that the unisex single user restroom had 9 accessibility violations that need to be corrected. Jim sent a plan review letter to Mr. Cavallaro identifying the minimum requirements for a plan submission under ACT 45.  On April 9th, 2014 Rich O’Brien, President of Keystone and Jim met with Mr. Cavallaro to discuss the project submittals. Mr. Cavallaro agreed to submit the required plans necessary for permit approval.

            Fire Co. News: Ed reported that the last Fish Fry is April 18. The Easter flower sale starts Thursday April 17-20th at Antique haven.  May 3, is Roast Beef Dinner.

            Library News: Terri gave Sherry the minutes from the March 10th Library meeting. In celebration of the “Month of the Young Child” Julia will visit Care-A-Lot and St Peter’s preschools to read stories and do a craft.

            Library Book Sale on May 9 & 10th, Library Fair/Book Sale May 17.

March 2014 Statistics:

Circulation: 1594

Historic Room Visits: 0

Items added: 63

Public Count: 556

Internet use: 13

Adult Programs: 36

Teen Book Club: 3

            Riegelsville Enhancement Committee News: Ed reported that during their meeting the short term goal is to take care of the pocket park.

            Riegelsville Emergency Management: Nothing to report

            UBREMS News: Next meeting is April 21.

      Rec Board News: Dirk Odhner, Riegelsville Rec Board President reported to Council the needs for the

Borough Park and Ball program. We know have 4 children ball teams and 1 adult team playing at the borough park.  Due to the safety of the children there needs to be batting cages with some blacktop repair after the installation. The low bid on the re-roof on the pavilion is $6100.00. The Rec Board account will be low even after the Borough Council donation of $4,100.00. The Rec board members would like to know if Council can add to the donation.  Tom Stinnett said the Borough does have some money in reserve so he suggested an additional $4,000.00. Council members agreed to this amount. Sherry will add this addition to the Council agenda on May 14, 2014. Dirk thanked Council for the additional funds. 

      Riegelsville Planning Commission: Tom reported that the planning commission is working on an

updated snow & ice removal ordinance and Bamboo ordinance.




Invoices have been sent to the Insurance Co. for Well #3 repairs.

Matt Brady put the extinguisher at Well #3 for the Generator.

Matt Brady will pour the pad for the Generator at the Borough building in the next few weeks.

 Streets & Properties:


Tom Stinnett started the meeting by discussing the proposed Ordinance #227 “On-Lot Sewage Disposal System.  A 4 page informational flyer about the proposed ordinance was given to those who attended meeting.  If the proposed Ordinance is passed during June 11, 2014 Council meeting the flyer will be sent to the Borough property owners.  The ordinance will require pumping every 5 years instead of the original proposed 3 years. Council agreed to change this.  The first phase of pumping will be the Commercial and R-3 Zoning Districts with 6 months to get paperwork to the Borough Office, the second phase will be RP and R-1 with 6 months to get paperwork to the Borough office. If you have recently pumped your systems during 2013 or 2014 then you may have met the initial requirement already. You would just need to provide the borough with a receipt or cancelled check to show when you had your system pumped.  The Borough began a Wellhead protection plan with the assistance from Bucks County Planning Commission and the PA Department of Environmental Protection. This effort was funded by a grant from the state making it possible to involve a hydro-geologist who conducted tests, studies and gathered documents to establish statistics about our three wells.

Tom Stinnett reported that the Canal Bridge project should be complete September 2014.

April 21, 2014 the Borough office received a call from Borough resident Dennis Stepien in reference to the stop sign on Maplewood road. Mr. Stepien was pulled over by the Police for not making a complete stop. They gave him a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.  Mr. Stepien feels the stop sign should be a yield.  Council said that stop sign is temporary during the bridge construction and will stay there until construction is complete.

Council received quite a few complaints from the residents on Maplewood that there is a lot of speeding due to the construction so the decision was to put up the temporary stop sign.  S. Masteller will get back to Mr. Stepien with Councils decision.   Mayor Stokes would like to see the temporary stop sign become permanent due to the speeding. Council will revisit this closer to the bridge completion.

            The Library shutters are being stained with the help of Norma Keller and a young man needing community service hours.

            During the next 7 days M. Brady will be working on the cement pad for the generator at the borough hall.



            The Library received a quote from Hoyt Sign Co. to replace the sign from winter. Council suggested to get a few more quotes.  Kathie suggested Mumaw sign in William Township plus the sign co. that did the 2 signs north and south of the Borough.

            The Borough office received a letter from RCN for informally renewing the franchise in the Borough, T. Stinnett asked if anyone had any pros or cons to having RCN. No one expressed any cons.

            Kris Kern with Heritage Conservancy will be meeting with Tom and Sherry to go over grant opportunities for Open Space/Trail projects. Tom told Sherry invite Kate Brandes to come since she has expressed that she may be able to help us with the grant process. Remarks: Kate Brandes is available for the May 29th, 2014 meeting.

            Phil Solomon, Hometown press salesman is putting together a new Welcome packet/folder for advertising and he would like the Borough to participate. Council said that would be a great idea.

 The Enhancement Committee is purchasing a bench for in front on Post office, the total is $675.78.


            Approval of check for $8100.00 to Riegelsville Recreation Board ($4100.00 budgeted, $4000.00 additional). E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve.   R. Pursell seconded.   Unanimous.

             Approval to advertise for June 11, 2014 Council meeting. Ordinance #227 AN ORDINANCE GOVERNING MUNICIPAL MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF ON-LOT SEWAGE DISPOSAL FACILITIES IN THE BOROUGH OF RIEGELSVILLE, BUCKS COUNTY, PA. With the change from pumping every three years to five years. R. Pursell motioned to advertise.K. Weiss seconded.   Unanimous.              

NEW BUSINESS:  None to report

 APPROVAL OF BILLS:   R. Pursell motioned to approve bills.  K. Weiss seconded.  E. Bartosiewicz abstained from the Fire Co. allocated contribution since Ed is President of the Fire Co.  Motion passed with Rich, Tom and Kathie.          

 Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM.  

  Next Council Meeting June 11, 2014 at 7pm

Sherry Masteller  

Borough Secretary


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