January Re-Org Council meeting 2018

The reorganization meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council was called to order on January 2, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Gregory Stokes.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken.  PRESENT:  Thomas E Stinnett, Ann P Moyer and Rodney Scott. ABSENT: Ed Bartosiewicz. (Mayor Stokes will issue Ed Bartosiewicz oath of office January 3, 2018)

Mayor Stokes issued the oath of office for newly elected Tax Collector, Tammy Macaluso and Council member Rodney Scott.  Mayor Stokes asked for nominations for President of Council.  R. Scott motioned to appoint T. Stinnett as President of Council.  A. Moyer seconded.  Unanimous.

Mayor Stokes asked for nominations for Vice President of Council.  T. Stinnett motioned to appoint Rodney Scott as Vice President of Council.  A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous.

Mayor Stokes asked for nominations for President Pro Tempore.  R. Scott motioned to appoint E. Bartosiewicz as President Pro Tempore. A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous.

Mayor Stokes turned the chair over to President T. Stinnett.

  1. Stinnett read a list of appointments. A. Moyer then motioned to appoint the list below. R. Scott seconded. Unanimous

Borough Secretary– Sherry Masteller

                                    Borough Treasurer- Tammy Macaluso

Depositories – Penn Community Bank &

                                                             PA Local Government Investment Trust

Auditor – Zelenkofske Axelrod LLC

Solicitor – Eastburn & Gray

Engineer – Cowan Associates, Inc.

Water System Operator – Private Utility Enterprises, Inc.

Zoning Office/Building Inspector – Keystone Municipal Services

Ordinance Enforcement Official – August Groller

Vacancy Board Chairperson –Allen Madnick

                                    Tax Collection Committee (TCC) delegates-

Primary voting delegate: Thomas Stinnett

First alternate:   Edward Bartosiewicz


  1. Stinnett read a list of Board appointments. R. Scott then motioned to appoint the list below omitting **Stephen Shlyen. A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous



Zoning Hearing Board- 3 year seat

Allen Madnick


Planning Commission- 4 year seat

Collette Gerstenberg


Library Board-

Cheryl Bade

Beth Banko

Ken Banko-Vice President

Estelle Bloom-Secretary

Charles (Terry) Fritz

Gail Johnson

David Oleksa

**Stephen Shlyen

JoAnne Walsh- President

Recreation Board-4 year seat

Dirk Odhner-2019

Sherry Masteller-2019

Rodney Scott-2019

Ed Bartosiewicz-2019

Tom Speicher-2020

Marie Knecht-2020

BOCA Board of Appeals- 5 year seat

Michael Craig

Greg Ort-Alt.

Emergency Management:

Frank Preedy-Coordinator

Mike Myers-Deputy

Ray Kenny

John Panasiuk

Jason Anderson

Moyer motioned to adopt the current Borough Bylaws from 1994. R. Scott seconded. Unanimous.


  1. Stinnett stated that the Committees of Council will be as follows:
  2. Bartosiewicz- Streets/Properties
  3. Moyer- Community Affairs

Vacant- Finance

  1. Scott- Utilities



  1. Scott motioned to add E. Bartosiewicz as a check signer and to the Safe Deposit Box. A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Borough Council Meeting: January 10, 2018 7pm


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