July 2016 Council Minutes

President Thomas E. Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken.  PRESENT: Thomas Stinnett, Ed Bartosiewicz, Audrey Kenny, Ann P Moyer, Rodney Scott and Mayor Stokes.  A. Kenny motioned to approve the minutes from June 8, 2016. E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous. 


Letter dated June 24, 2016 from County of Bucks Board of Elections, General Election is November 8, 2016 voting hours are 7am-8pm.

Email dated July 8, 2016 from Bethany Hare, DCNR Assistant Park Manager an update of Backup watering test at Point Pleasant Pumping station.


President – Tom Stinnett reported to Council that there was an article in Morning Call about Alburtis Borough having issues with resident’s mailboxes on their properties.  S. Masteller will make copies of the article for Council plus try to get their draft ordinance to share too.

Mayor – Mayor Stokes thanked Maria Radus, Jackie Rudy and Sherry Masteller for all their hard work that went into putting together the Riegelsville 100 Year Celebration.  Mayor Stokes reported that there have been a few personal properties that have had items taken off of their porches, the NJ & PA State Police are taking care of this situation.  Mayor Stokes also announced that the Riegelsville Reds over 45 baseball league won their first game.

COMMENTS OF CITIZENS:   One Borough resident present.

Community Affairs


Ann P Moyer called the meeting to order at 7:00pm on June 15, 2016 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.

Members Present:  Ann P Moyer, Ed Bartosiewicz, Rodney Scott and Thomas Stinnett.

Others Present:   Jim Kopchak-Borough Zoning Officer, Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary and Beth Banko, Library Board of Trustees.

Concerns from citizens:  One Borough Resident was present and Riegelsville Tavern new owner James Seward.  J. Seward met with J. Kopchak, Borough Zoning officer in reference to what updates he would like to do to the building in August. J. Seward introduced himself to Council, he stated that he is going to make the Tavern more family friendly first by not allowing smoking in the outdoor dining area.


Zoning: Jim Kopchak, Borough Zoning Officer reported to Council that 2 Building permits, 1- Re-Roof and 1-Alteration for 1/2bath and new split system HVAC.  Enforcement activities: 234 Linden Lane, received a complaint regarding chickens on the property, a violation notice was sent to remove the poultry within 30 days.  The property owner sent the Borough office a sample ordinance in reference to standards for domestic chicken keeping.  Council will look this over. 428 Poplar Road property maintenance letter was sent out on June 8, ordering that the property owner clean up the yard waste and rubbish plus remove or repair inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicles.

Library News: Beth Banko, Library Board of Trustees member reported to Council a few things from the June 2016 Directors report. The “Art in the Library” is doing well and have been filling up. Summer reading schedule of events is all set. Kick-off is Saturday June 18, with Family Board game night. There is a button on the Library website for donation made through PayPal and credit cards.  The complete Directors report is in the Borough office.

Fire Co. News: “Father’s Day Breakfast” is June 19, this is usually a very busy day.

Riegelsville 100 Year meeting news: Next meeting June 16, 2016 at 7pm. It is getting really close now! Celebration will begin Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25, at the Borough Park. Time noon-7pm. Events: Parade, Welcome ceremony, live music/games/food, Movie under the stars. Fundraising Mugs/T-shirts. If it rains on Saturday the Parade will be cancelled and the Bands and Vendors will set up in the Riegelsville Fire House.

 Riegelsville Enhancement Committee News: Elaine reported to Counsel that the next meeting is Wednesday June 22, 2016 at 7pm, Borough Hall. No meeting July and August.

UBREMS News:  Ed reported that they are working on getting a new Ambulance very soon.

Riegelsville Emergency Management: Nothing to report.

Rec Board News: Rodney reported to Council that the ball teams are nearing the end of their seasons.

There will be playoffs and All-star games. The men’s over 45 league is still playing until August.  The pavilion is being rented for events, the fee is $75.00.

Riegelsville Planning Commission: No July meeting.



The water company will do the “Lead & Copper” 3 year sampling in August, 2016- 10 Borough locations. Letters will go out in July to property owners.

Property owner of 735 Fairmont Road has requested an extension of 7 years instead of 5 for his septic cleaning & inspection. There is only one person at the property plus very little water usage.  Council agreed to the 7 year extension.

Tammy has a call into Ken Simpson in reference to the person that may know what was done to the cistern many years ago.  More info will follow.

Council received the minutes from the Annual Wellhead Protection meeting on May 7, 2016.

Streets & Properties


Tom Stinnett was unable to make the meeting but he called in and was on speaker phone with a few things to discuss:

  1. Tom asked Council if they had a chance to look over the sample Domestic Chicken standards in the residential zones. Tom stated that the sample could be used for the Borough with a few changes.
  2. Tom asked if Todd Myers, Borough Engineer had a chance to look over the Borough streets that need to be fixed. E. Bartosiewicz stated that he is meeting Todd very soon to look over the roads and prioritize them.

Landlord and property owner at 122 Delaware Road had a broken water pipe that was fixed but then the water meter got broken in the process of fixing the pipe.  They would like to know if they need to replace it or can they tap into another meter that they already have. Council had a few additional questions that S. Masteller will email Council with the answers. Masteller would like the Borough Council members to look at the progress (if any) with the property maintenance violations at 428 Poplar Road and report back to Borough office. Once a report is back to the Borough office, S. Masteller will email Borough Solicitor, William Dudeck will take the next steps with these violations.

The Borough office received an email requesting a white “Borough of Riegelsville” sign northbound at the borough boundary, the local resident stated the signs are free we just need to request them from PennDOT. E. Bartosiewicz will look to see if we need more than one.

There has been a few thieves from NJ that have stolen some items off of Borough resident’s porches.

The PA and NJ State Police have arrested the individuals that are responsible for the thefts.

Bartosiewicz would like to get the inside of the garage finished, the quotes will be added to Borough Council meeting on July 13.

Start thinking about items for the 2017 Budget.  Mayor Stokes suggested purchasing “Jetters” for our storm drains, he will get more information for Council on them.



Phil with the Hometown press sent an email and stated that the response to local advertisers for the Riegelsville Borough Newsletter has been disappointing therefore we have no choice but to cancel the project at this time.

Masteller received a personal phone call from State Rep M. Quinn announcing that the Borough received the Grant from the Act 13 program, the approve total is $196,000.00 we asked for $250, 000.00. S. Masteller will contact the Borough Engineer, Todd Myers to see if the budget can be cut to make up the $50,000.00 shortage.

Start thinking about the 2017 Budget items.

Council looked over the financials.

The Borough office received a request to use the Borough Park as a place to have “A Rally to HALT PennEast”  the group will walk north 611 to get to the park. The event would be October 8, 2016.  This is called “A Walk along the Canal-for clean water. The nonprofit group will be renting the park and supplying their own insurance. Further discussion during Council on July 13, 2016.

The Borough office will be closed July 15 and 18.


Council looked over the Draft Ordinance #235, “Domestic Chicken-keeping as an accessory activity on residential property”, notice to advertise may make it for the August 10 Council meeting.

Approval of check for $357.22 to Nace Materials, (stone for Water Co. use). R. Scott motioned toapprove.  E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous.

Approval of check for $2904.00 to W. Dowd Excavating, (301 Poplar Rd. water line emergency repair). Scott motioned to approve. A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous.

Approval of S & M General Services LLC quote for $2200.00(Frame out the inside of Borough Garage & Paint). E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve, A. Kenny seconded.  4-1 vote, with A. Moyer (Nay vote). Passed.

NEW BUSINESS:  Council looked over the 3 quotes for tree trimming and removal at the Borough Garage, Council tabled this until August Council due to the possibility of the Cemetery needing a tree to come down too and the cost would be different.

 APPROVAL OF BILLS:   R. Scott motioned to approve bills.  A. Moyer seconded.  Unanimous.

Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM.

Next Council Meeting July 13, 2016 at 7pm.

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