June 2016 Council Minutes

President Thomas E. Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:00 p.m. June 8, 2016. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken.  PRESENT: Thomas Stinnett, Ed Bartosiewicz, Audrey Kenny, Ann P Moyer, Rodney Scott and Mayor Stokes.  A. Kenny motioned to approve the minutes from May 11, 2016.  R. Scott. Moyer seconded.  Unanimous. 


Email received from Dirk Odhner, Borough Resident and Recreation Board Member in reference to the recent vandalism in the Borough Park. Dirk was presents so he and Council discussed a few different avenues to look into. More information will be gathered.

Letter dated May 17, 2016 was received from Eastern Upper Bucks Senior Center thanking the Borough for their donation.


President – Tom Stinnett reported to Council that he will be out of town June 14-16.  During the June 6, 2016 Riegelsville Planning Commission they discussed the Borough’s current ordinance on having chickens in the Borough.  Property owner of 234 Linden Lane received a violation from the Riegelsville Borough Zoning Officer, Jim Kopchak due to not having 3 Acres for their 3 chickens. Council continued to discuss this Ordinance and asked S. Masteller, Borough Secretary to gather information on what other Municipalities’ Ordinances state.

Mayor – Mayor Stokes reported to Council that he had a busy month.  He had several complaints in reference to the property maintenance issues at #428 Poplar Road. Sherry reported that a violation notice and a high grass notice was being mailed on Thursday June 9.  Mayor Stokes was trying to get a marching band for the anniversary parade but the Borough would need to pay for the transportation cost of $2,500. – $3,000.00. Council agreed that was a lot of money to spend.  Mayor Stokes spoke to a concerned Borough resident about the speeding up the Delaware Road hill past the Riegelsville Fire Co and the State Police.  Mayor Stokes contacted the State Police in reference to cars driving the wrong way on both ends of Durham Road, Matt also put up 2 more signs. Mayor Stokes spoke to a PennDOT employee and the said they are going to flush out the storm drains on Route 611 after a few other projects are completed.  Mayor Stokes witnessed the Beer Truck making a delivery to Borderline drive up on the sidewalk over the ADA accessible ramp, Business owner addressed the driver to not do that anymore because he is going to damage the sidewalk. The next step will be to contact the trucking company to report this ongoing problem.  Mayor Stokes thanked Tom Stinnett for reading his speech during his absence at the Riegelsville Memorial Day Parade.

COMMENTS OF CITIZENS:   Two Borough residents present.

Community Affair


Zoning: Jim Kopchak, Borough Zoning Officer reported to Council that 3 Building permits, 1- above

ground pool, 1-heat pump and 1-Split rail fence, 2 Zoning permits, 1-above ground pool and 1-split rail fence were issued.  Enforcement activities: 1255 Durham Road, needs a revised cost sheet to lift the “Stop Work Order”.  381 Spring Hill Road “Stop work order” for Violation of “A-7” Timber Harvest.  234 Linden Lane, received a complaint regarding chickens on the property, a violation notice was sent to remove the poultry within 30 days.

Library News: Joanne Walsh, Library Board of Trustees President reported to Council a few things from the May 2016 Directors report. Joanne received information from the 2016 Keystone recreation, park and Conservation Fund Grants for Public Libraries. The letter of intent deadline is May 31, 2016. Council discussed this and stated it would be a good idea but very short notice to get it in.  Sherry will investigate it online.  The “Art in the Library” is doing well and have been filling up. The hoagie sale on Election Day was very well received, Fig Tree Market made the hoagies this year.  The complete Directors report is in the Borough office.

Fire Co. News: May 15, breakfast served 343. The Roast Beef Dinner May 7, served 210.

Riegelsville 100 Year meeting news: Next meeting May 26, 2016 at 7pm. Celebration will begin Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25, at the Borough Park. Time noon-7pm. Events: Parade, Welcome ceremony, Chili Cook-off, Live music/games/food, Movie under the stars. Fundraising Mugs/T-shirts. If it rains on Saturday the Parade will be cancelled and the Bands and Vendors will set up in the Riegelsville Fire House.

           Riegelsville Enhancement Committee News: Elaine reported to Counsel that the next meeting is Wednesday May 25, 2016 at 7pm, Borough Hall. They will be discussing the planting of a Red Maple in the fall at the Borough Hall Building Lawn.  The will be selling the leftover calendars during the Library Fair on Saturday May 21.

UBREMS News:  Ed reported that during the May 16th meeting they discussed their insurance policies with their agent.

Riegelsville Emergency Management: Nothing to report.

Rec Board News: Rodney reported to Council that the ball teams are dealing with rearranging theirgame schedules due to the rainouts.

Riegelsville Planning Commission:  Bucks County Planning Commission sent an official notificationregarding a substantial revision to the County’s Solid Waste Management Plan.  The proposed revision is deemed by the Department of Environmental Protection to be a ‘substantial Plan revision pursuant to 272.252. (e) of Act 101.  A draft of the plan revision should be available in the summer for the Borough to comment on.

State Police: Nothing to report.

 Misc.: The new owner of the Riegelsville Tavern was sent a welcome letter.

The Hometown press would like the Borough to do another newsletter like we have done before, Council discussed this and said it would be a good idea.



The Borough office received another quote for tree cutting at Well #1, so 2 quotes where received.

The one quote was approved during the November 2015 Council but the job had not been started yet.

Council asked Sherry to contact the Tree Company and see if they are going to start it or not. Remarks: The trees were taken down Monday June 6, 2016.

Matt suggested the Borough Council amend Ordinance #92 in reference to the distant that would be required for new construction to put in a meter pit.  Sherry will get copies of the Ordinance to look over at the June meeting. Remarks: The cost of the a new meter pit is $1190.00

The Borough office received a letter from Generator Services, in reference to diesel generator diesel stability concern.  Council discussed this and would like it to be added to the June Council agenda.

Streets & Properties


The new front railing project was completed on May 20.

The property at 811 Durham Road has a high grass violation and is under the care of Mellon Bank of NY. S. Masteller sent a letter plus emailed the Code Compliance and we should receive an email back in no more than two days.

Council discussed the maintenance issues at 428 Poplar Road, S. Masteller will contact the property owner for a different address since he does not live at the residence.

The Borough Park was vandalized over the weekend with large glass beer bottles broken under the pavilion and hear the snack stand. Rec Board members, Coaches and parents cleaned it up so they could have their Saturday Softball Game.  Council discussed options.



T. Macaluso will transfer money from the “Special Events” savings account to the General Fund after our 100th Anniversary Celebration on June 25, 2016. Council looked over financials.

Liquid Fuels Audit for the 2015 records was completed today with no findings.

Riegelsville Library had a request for the use of the meeting room on August 30, 2016 for a Medicare info night. A. Kenny suggested to redirect them to Rep. Quinn’s office and the Senior Center for a larger audience.

Riegelsville Borough Employee Benefits will be discussed during the July 6th meeting.


Approval of checks totaling $1600.00 for “100 Year Celebration Bands (6)”. E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve.  A. Kenny seconded.  Unanimous.

Approval of check $350.00 to Barry Weaver-Magician for “100 Year Celebration”.  A Moyer motioned to approve. E. Bartosiewicz seconded. Unanimous.

Approval of check for $462.00 to Choice Concrete (Div. of Wehrung’s) (Block/Barriers for the garage).  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve. A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous.

Approval of check for $4,844.00 to Kerstner Well/Pump services (Pump replacement at Well#1). E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve. R. Scott seconded. Unanimous.

Approval of check for $3,488.72 to W. Dowd Excavating LLC (Sweeney service install). A. Kenny motioned to approve. A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous.

Approval of Generator Services to perform the preventative Stabilizer maintenance at not to exceed $410.00 a year (depends on how big the fuel tank holds). Mayor Stokes discussed with Council that we can take care of this ourselves. Mayor Stokes will research this and get back to Council.  T. Stinnett stated this motion will be put on hold to be discussed at a later date.

Approval to donate $100.00 to the “Honor Flight Bucks County” during our July 2016 Council meeting. A. Kenny motioned to approve.  A. Moyer seconded. Unanimous.

NEW BUSINESS:  Kathryn Anderson and her daughter came to the Council meeting to discuss her 3 chickens. She stated that they are very quiet and they are pets to the family plus it is a good things to have fresh eggs too.  Stinnett told her that at the beginning of the Council meeting that Council agreed to look into updating that part of the Ordinance that affects chickens but that would take a few months to put together.

APPROVAL OF BILLS:   E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve bills.  A. Moyer seconded.  Unanimous.

Meeting adjourned 9:05PM.

Next Council Meeting July 13, 2016 at 7pm.

Sherry L. Masteller- Borough Secretary


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