July 2010 Council Minutes

President Thomas Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:30 p.m. July 14, 2010. Following the Pledge of Allegiance roll call was taken.  PRESENT:    Edward Bartosiewicz, John Panasiuk, Rodney Scott, Thomas Stinnett, Kathleen Weiss, Mayor Gregory Stokes and William Dudeck Borough Solicitor

E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve the minutes of the June 9, 2010 Council Meeting and R. Scott seconded.  Unanimous.


A note was read from Former Council Person Richard Strawn thanking Council for the Retirement Restaurant Gift Card.

A note was read from The Banko Family thanking Borough Council and Employees for the flowers in Memory of Ruth Banko.

A letter dated June 14th, 2010 from the Riegelsville Library thanking the Borough for the annual contribution.

A letter dated July 8th, 2010 from PennDot in reference to entering the Borough property(Borough parking lot on Durham Road and patch of grass by the pedestrian Bridge) to prepare for the temporary bridge.

The Borough office received a flyer announcing the Delaware Canal Re-Opening Celebration on Friday July 23, 2010 at 10:30 am.


President- Nothing to report

Mayor – Mayor Stokes reported that there have been some Borough Resident dog issues on Poplar Road so he contacted the Bucks County Dog Warden, Verna North, and she took care of the issues.  Mayor Stokes reported that Mr. Frank Crum, past Council person and Borough resident passed away on Monday July 12, 2010 and his services will be Saturday July 17th. S. Masteller will take care of the memorial flowers.

CITIZENS COMMENTS: – Doreen Moyer, First Savings Insurance agent, presented Council with their proposal for the Borough’s Insurance and answered any questions Council had. D. Moyer also stated that it was a pleasure to work with the Borough this past year and hopes the relationship will continue.


Community Affairs: S. Masteller will have M. Brady take down the “Radcliff Seal coating” signs that are on the telephone poles in the Borough.

Comments from the citizens: Elaine Albrecht, Borough Resident, reported that the Upper Bucks Senior is giving out vouchers for Fresh Vegetables to eligible seniors.

Zoning: Kip Clayton, Borough Zoning Officer, reported 3 Zoning Permits~ Sign, Fence, Patio, 6 Building Permits ~ Roof, 2-Reroof, Demolition, Sprinkler, Sign.

Library News: Beth Banko, Library Board President, would like to ask the Borough if a barrier could be put around the air conditioners to protect them from the lawnmower. Council said to have M. Brady take care of this.  Ann Anderson has retired from the Library Board but will still continue to help with the book sales. The Board is seeking a replacement. B. Banko suggests that the Borough have safety exit maps, in case of fire, posted in the Borough building. S. Masteller will look into this and get back to Council.  The Library has received many compliments on how beautiful the building is looking with all the repairs and painting.

Statistical Highlights for May 2010:

Walk-in patrons: 667

Circulation: 1,507

Internet use: 38

Items lent out (within Bucks Co.) 256

Items borrowed (within Bucks) 181

Total Cardholders: 1,036

Total Collection Size: 16,556 items

Fire Co. News: Breakfast on Sunday June 20th, 2010.

Riegelsville Enhancement Committee (REC) News: Meeting scheduled for June 23, 2010.

EMS News: No updates available

Rec Board News: The next scheduled meeting is 6/28, but will be rescheduled for Tuesday 6/29.

The Borough Office received the May 2010 stats from Trooper Steven Groman with the PA State Police.  There were a total of 127 incidents but 118 of those are for Security checks at the bridge.

Utilities: Bill Kee, Cowan Associates Engineer, presented Council with the quotes from the Contractors for the work involving VFD and installation for Well #3. B. Kee will give Council a recommendation to award the bids during Council on July 14, 2010.

M. Brady would like to purchase “Lock-outs” that would be placed on the water valves of the water customers that don’t have a separate curb stop.  This procedure could be done when they are delinquent on the water bill. The cost is $261.00 with shipping. Council agreed unanimously to purchase the kits.

Council continues to look over the water ordinance wordage.

Curb stop repairs are starting the week of June 22, 2010.

Streets and Properties: The Borough is still waiting for the PennDOT permit for the new water lines at Craig Cardone’s new apartment building. S. Masteller will keep Council posted on this project.

S. Masteller reported that John Hadley, Home Improvements has finished the painting of the windows so M. Brady will work on the front porch roof.  E. Bartosiewicz did talk to M. Brady about the correct way to put on the flashing.

S. Masteller received a call from Christine Brown with Blue Cross and Blue Shield asking to use the meeting room for an informational meeting on Medicare. Council unanimously agreed to allow them to use the room.

Council received a letter from Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission in reference to the Riegelsville Toll supported Bridge Rehabilitation construction Schedule.  From early July to early September the bridge will remain open to general vehicular and commercial traffic meeting the structure’s posted size and weight limitations; any traffic stoppages should be of extremely short durations. With the approach of construction in July and the off-peak traffic shutdowns in the fall, the Commission plans to heighten public awareness of the project’s construction activities and impacts.  It should be noted that in a further accommodation to the local community, the Commission’s project team also has committed to providing full vehicular and pedestrian access to the bridge in connection with the Annual Riegelsville Kiwanis’ Car Show during the weekend of November 6 and 7, 2010.

Todd Myers, Borough Engineer has been invited as a consulting party for the Delaware Road Bridge over the Canal from PennDOT. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 27th, 2010 5:30-7:30 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall, S. Masteller will pass this information to T. Myers.

PennDOT is holding a pre-construction meeting on Monday July 12, 2010 to discuss route 611 paving from Durham Road north to Delaware Road in the Borough. T. Stinnett suggested Dick Meade, Borough Water Operator attend to make sure the risers are put in correctly this time.

Finance: Comments from the Citizens:  Elaine Albrecht Upper Bucks Senior Center member reported that all the vegetable vouchers were given out.

Miers Insurance presented Council with their proposal for the Borough’s Insurance and answered any questions Council had.

The Borough received an award letter from Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission for the Grant to finish the Pedestrian Bridge Lighting project in the amount of $45,000.00.

Council received the quotes for the Street Project Loan; QNB 4% and First Savings Bank 5%. This will be added to Council Agenda on July 14, 2010.

Donations for Riegelsville Fire Company and EMS will be added to the July 2010 bills.

An updated phone list was given to all Council members.

While S. Masteller is on vacation Dave Xander will be taking minutes for the Committee meetings on July 21, 2010 and during Council Meeting on August 11, 2010.


T. Stinnett invited W. Dudeck, Borough Solicitor, to tonight’s Council meeting to discuss a few things.  (1). 530 Easton Road (2). QNB Loan (3). 230 Spring Hill Road.  W. Dudeck stated these issues need to be discussed during an executive session.

T. Stinnett discussed that Cowen Associates Inc., Borough Engineering firm, will be handling the DRJTB grant for the lighting portion of the Pedestrian Bridge project. S. Masteller stated she received the beginning paperwork for the proposed grant.

Approval to Award County Electric low bid $2250.00 to provide the VFD for Well#3

R. Scott motioned to approve E. Bartosiewicz seconded Unanimous

Approval to Award Barry Hoffman Electric low bid to install the VFD, Dialer& Chlorine

Sensor $9105.00 E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve R. Scott seconded Unanimous

Conditional Approval to accept QNB’s rate of around 4% for the Street 2010 Repair Loan

E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve R. Scott seconded Unanimous

Appointment of Borough Insurance Agent from August 1, 2010 to August 1, 2011 E.

Bartosiewicz motioned to appoint current insurance agent First Savings.  J. Panasiuk seconded


Motion to approve Resolution #R-04-10 Payment of Water Bill: Changed current charge to unpaid balance E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve K. Weiss seconded Unanimous


Elaine Albrecht, Borough Resident and member of Upper Bucks Senior Center reported that the Senior Center has applied for a grant to help offset the increased rent. They would like to know if the Borough would again be donating $500.00 to the Center this year.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to donate $500.00 from the Community Expense line of the 2010 Budget J. Panasiuk seconded Unanimous

Appointment of Joanne Walsh, Borough Resident to the Riegelsville Library Board as a representative from Riegelsville. E. Bartosiewicz motioned to appoint J. Panasiuk seconded


E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve bills as listed.  K. Weiss seconded.  Unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.  Next Council Meeting will be August 11, 2010 at 7:30 pm.

T. Stinnett announced at 8:40pm that Council and W. Dudeck, Borough Solicitor will have an executive session to discuss legal issues mentioned above.  The executive session adjourned at 9:20pm.

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