DRAFT Community Affairs June 2021 minutes

Community Affairs Committee

Council Chairperson – Ann P Moyer

DRAFT June 16, 2021

Ann P Moyer called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm on June, 2021 back to in person meeting. We are recording this meeting just to help the secretary with writing the minutes. If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting.

Members Present:  Ann P Moyer, Ed Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Tom Stinnett and Rodney Scott.

Others Present:   Frank Preedy- Borough EMC, Jim Kopchak- Riegelsville Zoning Officer and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary. Bob Harvie, BC Commissioner was unable to attend the meeting but called in and put on speaker phone.  4- Borough residents and Beth Banko-Riegelsville Library Board member were present.

Commissioner Harvie reported via speaker phone that the BC Board of Elections are looking for more locations to put Secure Ballot boxes a local libraries and visited the Riegelsville Public Library.  Since the building is owned by the Borough of Riegelsville he wanted to ask Council if one could be put at the Borough entrance.  The host of the box doesn’t not have to do anything, the ballots will be picked 6 days a week and it will have a solar security camera that will be monitored.  The box will be bolted down and secure.  There would be a legal contract with the Borough.

Rodney asked where the nearest box is located. Commissioner Harvie said Quakertown. Ann asked Council if they would approve this in the future: Ed, Kate, Tom and Ann said yes, Rodney would like to gather more info like the size and what the contract looks like.  Commissioner Harvie will get more information to Council.

Concerns from citizens:  Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

Bob Ryan has a question about the Borough office renovation but will wait for the Utilities meeting since it is on the action log.


Zoning: Jim Kopchak, Borough Zoning Officer reported to Council his June 2021 report.  Permits: 1-Zoning permits: residential re-roof, 1- Building permits: Commercial roof.

Enforcement Activities:

129 Maplewood Road- No update.

715 Durham Road-Jim corresponded with the property owner who has a fire alarm contractor lined up and that he will be submitting permits soon for all the repairs. Discussion between Council and Bob Ryan, resident as to when the owner will take care of these repairs, it has been going on too long. Jim

will send a property maintenance letter next week.

Durham Road Parcel, has a collapsed garage and debris on the property. An enforcement letter was sent and the property has made some progress in removing items.  The compliance date is June 16, 2021. Rodney did say that they continue cleaning it up and Jim said most of the metal has been removed too.

No scheduled ZHB meetings.

Jim discussed that the floodplain development application fee should be increased and we should use a separate stormwater/grading permit application so it isn’t in the Zoning permit application. The fee schedule was updated 2017 and needs to be again. Jim will mark up the document with his suggestions to Council for approval possible is 2022.

Library News: Borough office received from Terri Randolph (Director) the May 2021 Directors report minutes and they have been filed. Beth Banko, Library Board member reported: Book club has been started to meet in person at the Library. During the last board meeting they discussed the request from book sorting volunteers as to when they can sort in the Borough meeting room. Beth said since the meeting room is opening up as we are meeting in person tonight, the board discussed having no more than 10 volunteers doing the book sort. Beth said to not do the book sorting when the library is open. The Library will continue to not receive donation until what they have is organized.  Ponder Goembel said that is a good number of helpers and also asked if the library is open Saturday afternoons still. Beth will be in charge of opening and closing the Borough building plus cleaning the room after the sorting. Someone will need to check with the Borough Secretary to make sure the room is available first.  Beth asked Council if the Halloween Parade is still on for October 30, 2021, Council did not see why it couldn’t happen. The Library & the Riegelsville Rec Board put it together.

Fire Co. News:

E. Bartosiewicz reported that they continue the process meeting to combine Ottsville and Riegelsville Fire Companies. This process could take at least a year.

The Fire Company continues going on calls and training.

Riegelsville Enhancement Committee:

Ann Moyer reported they had 10 people at the Enhancement meeting that was held at the Borough Park. They discussed the pocket part needing some tidying up and to look at the plants on the Delaware Hill area. There was a question about the D & L grant money we received a few years ago, Tom reported that the money was used for the Trail head signs & the small park area at the footbridge.

They talked about the finances for the Committee and that they will be looking into fundraisers.


E. Bartosiewicz reported nothing new to report. Bob Ryan, Borough resident asked that we never get reports on how the Fire Company and UBREMS finances are, and maybe that needs to happen for the future so we know. The Borough does receive their annual audits each year.  Representatives from each have come in the past to discuss what they need and how the organizations are doing before Covid. Both organizations will be asked to join us for a meeting and give formal updates. There was a discussion about the BC Planning Commission’s report on Volunteer Fire Co. needing younger members, etc.

Rec Board News:

R. Scott reported Rodney picked up the paint for the Basketball boards & paint for the doors of the Concession Stand too. Rodney reached out to 2 paving Companies to look at the basketball Court and see about fixing the cracks and putting a layer on top. The basketball court gets the most use at the park. Sherry said the concession stand is doing well during the girls’ softball games. The girl’s games are almost done. Car Show preparations are moving along, November 7 is the show.

Riegelsville Emergency Management:

F. Preedy reported that BC Dr.Damsker continue to do pop up vaccines stations.

Frank has documents to finalize and send to DCED PA that was discussed during the “Floodplain Fridays”.  He will continue with the quarterly training.

Riegelsville Planning Commission:

T. Stinnett reported that they did not have a quorum for the June 7th meeting, Tom and Jason Anderson was the only ones there. Damian Newton, John Panasiuk and Peter Ryan was not present. They do not have a meeting due to the July 4 Holiday so they will try again August 2, 2021. Bob Ryan asked what is the planning commission doing it seems it is a broken committee and needs members that want to do something. Bob Ryan stated they PC should be talking about the conditions of the downtown. Tom stated that the PC has specific items like subdivisions, advising Council if needed for a ZHB. Rodney suggested that adding the issue with the empty businesses downtown to the PC is that is allowed item to look into.


Meeting adjourned 8:16 pm.   


Next meeting July 21, 2021   7pm






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