DRAFT November 2020 Utilities minutes

November 23, 2020 0 Comments

Utilities Committee

Council Chairperson – Rodney Scott

 DRAFT November 18, 2020


Rodney Scott called the Utilities meeting to order at 7:16 pm on November 18, 2020 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.

We are recording this meeting. If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting.


Members Present:   Rodney Scott, Ed Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Tom Stinnett and Ann P Moyer.


Others Present:   Jim Kopchak-Borough zoning officer, Frank Preedy- Borough EMC and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.


Concerns from Citizens:  Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

2 borough resident on Zoom, No one spoke.



  • S. Masteller reported that after the Borough Hall Boiler had the yearly service done the technician with Haley Heating said to watch the water tank because there was a little water around it. M. Brady contacted Haley because there was water again and it needs to be checked out.


  • Council has the copy of the Draft Resolution for Water rate increase that will be added to the December 9, 2020 Council agenda for a vote.


  • E. Bartosiewicz asked if we have heard anything from Aqua NJ in reference to the draft agreement with the Riegelsville Water Company. R. Scott looked over all the information and will contact Mike Sullivan- Riegelsville Water Operator to discuss the questions that have come up.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:25 pm

No meeting in December 2020, Next meeting January 20, 2021   7pm


Zoom Recording Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/mOrrwbcEZsZwI7UJqxRULcB8XZSqxIRKRYguZZq4H6TJTC_tvEtVlFwr_xMRNEpT.IVJIE_LPTWybmWq1

Password: U1?7arp9




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