DRAFT November Streets & Properties minutes

Streets/Properties Committee

Council Chairperson – Ed Bartosiewicz

DRAFT November 4, 2020


Ed Bartosiewicz called the Streets & Properties Zoom meeting to order at 7:00 pm on November 4, 2020. We are recording this Zoom meeting.  If anyone makes inappropriate comments, tries to sell something, is attacking someone, etc. you will be removed from this meeting.

Members Present: Ed Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Ann Moyer, Rodney Scott and Tom Stinnett.

Others Present, Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.


Comments from Citizens:   Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

2- Borough residents present.  No one spoke.



Front Porch on Borough Building- E. Bartosiewicz reported that we received a quote for the repair of the front porch and he has contacted the other person to set up an appointment to see the porch yet.


Keystone Library Grant Renovation update- E. Bartosiewicz reported that the Re-Roof was started Saturday October 31 and today November 4. They will be back November 5, 6 & 7. Hopefully be done Saturday November 7.


Trail update- S. Masteller reported that all the signs that the Contractor was to put up are done and the ones with the doggie bag holders are on order. The trail head signs are being replaced on Fern Road & Springhill Road due to wrong wording. Not sure when they will be replaced.  R. Scott asked if we were going to put in a cross walk at the trail entrances off of Sherer’s Hill? Yes we are doing that, S. Masteller will see if Matt can do it before the weather gets bad.


Spring Hill Road traffic calming- S. Masteller reported no updates at this time.


Delaware Hill mulching update- Council discussed C&K Landscaping estimate for the replacement of Arborvitaes.  R. Scott does not think they are Green Giant, he thinks they are Emerald Green and we should get the smaller ones 4-5ft. S. Masteller will ask C. Cardone since he planted the current ones. S. Masteller has already talked to Bluestone gardens for a quote on the Arborvitaes too, will reach out once we know what kind they are. More information is needed the quote is added to Council agenda.


Meeting adjourned 7:25 pm Next Streets/Properties meeting will be held on December 2, 2020 at 7:00 pm.


Zoom recording Link:



Password: @6g$7ata

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