Draft Utilities minutes July 2020

Utilities Committee

Council Chairperson – Rodney Scott

Draft July 15, 2020



Rodney Scott called the Utilities meeting to order at 7:21pm on July 15, 2020 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.


Members Present:   Rodney Scott, Ed Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Tom Stinnett and Ann P Moyer .


Others Present:    Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.


Concerns from Citizens:  Please state your name, you have maximum 3 minutes to speak.

4 borough resident on Zoom, No one spoke.




  • Riegelsville Water Bills went out in the mail and payments are due August 3, 2020.


  • Brady has updated the curb stop repair/replacement list. S. Masteller reported from M. Brady’s list. There is a total of 32 that need to be done. M. Brady is contacting the excavator to set up the first 3 to be done then after that there are still 5 that need to be located. Those 5 are a prority.


  • Stinnett asked if the valves in the streets are being exercised yet. S. Masteller reported that they have not be put on a schedule yet, back in March or April is when Borough Engineer sent a letter in reference to this process with suggestions. S. Masteller will forward that letter tomorrow via email to Council.


  • Scott has a few path/trail questions:


  1. Looks like they are seeding along the trail today, S. Masteller stated they did ask for water.


  1. A few people have asked if there is an easement near Berdini’s / Ash Lane to use as an entrance for the path. Stinnett stated there is a street right of way if needed for  the Catholic Church 200 acre property, just like Linden Lane and Maple too incase the land is developed in the future.  R. Scott stated that those possible entrance points are not located on the trail plans.  T. Stinnett stated we did not ask for them to be on the trail plans.  T. Stinnett was looking back on M. Brady’s comments on bollards and he was concerns that motorized vehicles could go around in the fields to get to the trail. T. Stinnett said in Hellertown they have fencing by the the bollards so it is difficult to get motorized vehicles around it.
  2. Masteller will ask M. Brady to take some pictures on his way to work and email them to us.



Zoom Link:



Password: 6y@!$L@2


Meeting Adjourned: 7:23 pm


Next meeting  August 19, 2020

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