Proposed Ordinance 231

This public notice was in the Express Times on December 18, 2014



Notice is hereby given by the Council of the Borough of Riegelsville that proposed Ordinance No. 231 amending Chapter 21 (Streets and Sidewalks), Part 2 (Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal), sections 201 and 202 of the Riegelsville Borough Code of Ordinances, will be presented for review and passage at the Regular Council meeting to be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Borough Hall, Riegelsville, Pennsylvania.  A full copy of the proposed ordinance may be examined without charge at the Borough Hall, the office of this newspaper or the Law Library at the Bucks County Court House during normal business hours, or may be obtained upon request for a charge not greater than the cost thereof.  The following is a summary of the proposed ordinance which will be presented for adoption at the meeting so that Chapter 21, Part 2 and the three sections contained therein are replaced in their entirety.  Proposed section 21 obligates affected owners with the responsibility of clearing snow and ice within a 24-hour period.  Section 202 authorizes the Borough to do the work and collected ands and additional amounts for failure to comply with Section 201.  Section 203 imposes penalties for violations of the Ordinance, being a fine not to exceed $300.00 and/or a term of imprisonment not to exceed 90 days.



Prepared by:

William T. Dudeck, Esquire

Eastburn and Gray, P.C.

60 East Court Street

P.O. Box 1389

Doylestown, PA 18901

(215) 345-7000

Solicitor for the

                                                                                                Borough of Riegelsville








BE IT ORDAINED by the Borough Council of the Borough of Riegelsville, in the County of Bucks and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that Chapter 21, Part 2 of the Riegelsville Code of Ordinances is hereby replaced in its entirety with the following provisions:


  1. Owner Responsible for Snow and Ice Removal.  The owner of every property fronting upon or alongside of any of the streets of the Borough of Riegelsville is hereby required to remove or caused to be removed from all of the sidewalks in front of or alongside of such property all snow and ice which has fallen or formed therein, within twenty-four (24) hours after the same shall have ceased to fall or to be formed; and in those areas where there are no sidewalks, if there is curbing and a flat area wide enough to shovel or remove the snow via other means, then within the aforementioned period of twenty-four (24) hours, the owner shall clear an area at least thirty-two (32) inches wide so that pedestrians can walk along this area and not have to go into the street.

Provided:  The owner of the property shall be responsible for conforming to the requirements of this ordinance where such property is occupied by such owner or is unoccupied or vacant or is a multiple-business or multiple-dwelling property, designed to be occupied by more than one tenant; and that the owner shall assure that he or she is ultimately responsible for removal of the snow and ice.


  1. Borough May Do the Work and Collect Costs and Additional Amount.   In any case where the owner shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with any of the provisions of Section 201 within the time limit prescribed therein, the Borough may proceed to immediately clear all snow and ice from the sidewalks of such delinquent sidewalks, and to collect the expense thereof, together with any additional amount allowed by law, from such owner.  Said costs may be in addition to any fine or penalty imposed under Section 203 of this Ordinance.


  1. Penalties. Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any provision of this ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00) and/or be imprisoned for a term not to exceed ninety (90) days.


Enacted and ordained this 14th day of January 2015.


ATTEST:                                                                     RIEGELSVILLE BOROUGH COUNCIL:


____________________                                By:      _________________________

Secretary                                                                     President


Approved as an Ordinance of the Borough of Riegelsville, this 14th day of January 2015.






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