February 2010 Council Minutes

President Thomas Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:30 p.m. February 11, 2010. Following the Pledge of Allegiance roll call was taken.  PRESENT:    Edward Bartosiewicz, John Panasiuk, Thomas Stinnett, Rodney Scott, Kathleen Weiss and Mayor Gregory Stokes

E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve the minutes of the January 13, 2010 Council Meeting and K. Weiss seconded.  Unanimous.


A letter dated 1/21/10 from Bucks County Board of Elections announcing the dates for Elections this year; General Primary- May 18, 2010 and General Election- November 2, 2010.

A letter dated 2/1/10 from Todd Myers, Fire Chief “Fire Activity Report January 2010”, 2009 income and Expense statements, 2010 budget and income expense statements and 2009 emergency responses.

A letter dated 2/3/10 Ammann & Whitney, Consulting Firm for Delaware River Joint Toll-Bridge Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Riegelsville Toll-Supported Bridge. Construction will start September 2010.

Councilman John Panasiuk stated that he will abstain from any votes that have the interest of PP&L.


President- Nothing to report

Mayor – Mayor Stokes reported to Sergeant D’Angelo that it is very much appreciated to see the presence of the State Police within the Borough.




Community Affairs:

Fire Co. News: Elaine Albrecht reported that the Fire Co. is doing a “Fish Fry” each              Friday from February 19th to April 2nd.

Zoning: Dave Taylor, Riegelsville Zoning Officer issued 3 Permits: Non-residential fence, residential fence, residential re-roof. One project is in review for Mechanics Hall LLC Durham road shop.

Downtown Enhancement Committee (DEC) News: Elaine Albrecht reported that Downtown Enhancement is selling Hoagies for Super Bowl Sunday February 7th, 2010.  See Elaine if you would like to purchase hoagies to help with this fundraiser.

EMS News: October 2009 minutes were distributed.  Borough Resident and Riegelsville Emergency management member Adam Maziuk is the Upper Bucks Regional EMS Chief.  Borough resident, Joe Kulick is the Upper Bucks Regional EMS President.  They both will make sure S. Masteller gets the monthly minutes to distribute monthly.

Rec Board News: S. Masteller, Recreation Board Treasurer reported that the profit from the Annual Kiwanis Car show was under $500.00 due to the bad weather.  The Annual Basket Bingo will be Sunday March 28th at the Riegelsville Fire Company.  Next meeting is January 25th 2010.

Library News: Debbie Jo Mitchell, Library Board member presented the update. Thanks to a DCED grant from the State the Library was able to purchase archival storage supplies, locking cabinets, wooden display cabinets and also freshly-paint the walls.  The Historic Room should be accessible to the public this spring.  T. Stinnett stated that there was an issue when the new display cabinets where put up they put the thermostat inside a cabinet and shut the door instead of moving it to a different location and that caused an excessive heat in the Borough office, Apartment and Zoning office.  This issue has been resolved by moving the thermostat.

The next fundraisers are Hoagie Sale on Election Day and Library Fair/Spring Book Sale May 15th, 2010

Statistical Highlights for November 2009:

Walk-in patrons: 559

Circulation: 1,256

Internet use: 33

Online renewals 135

Items lent out (within Bucks Co.):  217

Items borrowed (within Bucks):  150

Adult meetings/attendance:  6/117

Youth meetings/attendance:  9/96

Statistical Highlights for December 2009:

Walk-in patrons: 532

Circulation: 1,190

Internet use: 46

Online renewals: 135

Items lent out (within Bucks Co.): 145

Items borrowed (within Bucks): 192

Total Cardholders (as of 12/31/09): 1,006

Total Collection Size: 16,400 items


E. Bartosiewicz reported that Emergency Management will be looking at the Emergency Operations Plan and Dave Nadeau; Chair of the Emergency Management Team, has made a few amendments to the Manual.

Utilities: T. Stinnett reported that the Tenant’s washer leaked for the second time.  If the painter wasn’t finishing another job the last water damage would have been fixed already.  Council feels unanimously that the tenant should be sent a letter stating that a washer is no longer allowed to be used and should be removed from the apartment plus the lease should be redone to state this also.  S. Masteller contacted D. Nadeau to have the resent damages looked at before we send the totals for the repairs to the Tenant’s insurance company.

M. Brady will be replacing the water meter at 1117 Durham road on Thursday January 21, at 6pm.  There is a list of 7 properties that need either an inside reading or wire replacement.  S. Masteller will get the list to Council.

Streets and Properties:

John Letko from Oxford Diabetic came to answer some questions about the truck deliveries for his business.  J. Letko introduced Tom and Edward and stated they are the manager’s that handle the deliveries.  E. Bartosiewicz stated the delivery trucks are blocking traffic on Durham Road while the driver is backing down the alley behind the post office to make the delivery.  J. Letko stated that specific truck delivers once a month with around 400 boxes that each weigh about 40 pounds.  T. Stinnett stated that maybe the driver could come from route 611 to the building. Tom, Oxford Manager stated that there is a Met-Ed pole on the alley and it would make it impossible for the truck to get through.  E. Bartosiewicz stated that the employees are parking in yellow marked curbs spots and too many cars are parking on Maplewood, Durham and Ceader.  E. Bartosiewicz stated that the Borough will start ticketing vehicles that are not parked correctly.  J. Letko will forward the weekly Newsletter that he gives to his employees to the Borough office.

Comments from the citizens:

Borough Resident Elaine Albrecht reported that there is another hole in the alley (Ash Lane/Fairview) and maybe there is a water leak.  S. Masteller will make M. Brady aware of the issue.

David Gerstenberg sent an e-mail to E. Bartosiewicz asking if anything has been done with the Borough drainage issue on his property on Spring Hill Road.  Council discussed the issue and will put it on the Borough Engineer’s list for spring.

Borough Resident Ingrid Johnson sent a letter to Council via E-mail discussing the parking issue on Durham road by her mailbox.  Council discussed the letter and would like S. Masteller to contact Congressman Patrick Murphy about this situation with the United States Postal Service.

Borough Resident Sher Shoemaker sent a letter to the Borough office stating two issues that she would like addressed.  The first issue is dogs running loose and doing their business on her property and not picking it up.  The second issue is the early morning truck traffic past her property to the canal.  S. Masteller sent a letter stating that the State of Pennsylvania has a leash law and the Bucks County Dog Warden should be notified of this issue if the dog owner is unknown.  S. Masteller contacted DCNR to ask if they could start the work day around 7am and not any earlier.


Mayor Stokes asked if Council has discussed putting in a sewage treatment plant for the Borough.  Council did reply that it has been discussed in the past.

S. Masteller reported that an electrician needed to be contacted to install the Library’s new kitchen light since the old light was damaged by the tenant’s water leak.

Dale Wood dropped off an estimate for a replacement Boiler.  Mayor Stokes can also get another estimate too.

Finance: The Southside outside basement door needs to be repaired; S. Masteller will contact Hadley Construction.  K. Weiss asked if Mr. Hadley could be doing inside work to the windows in the meeting room.  S. Masteller will ask Mr. Hadley when she calls about the basement door.

Dave Taylor, Borough Zoning Officer reported that Mechanics Hall withdrew the Zoning Hearing Board application.

Tuesday February 3, 2010 W. Dowd Excavating repaired the water leak near 411 Easton Road and hopefully that will solve the excessive water usage.  S. Masteller said that Dick Meade, Borough Water operator, will let the office know the usage.

R. Scott stated that Well #3 needed to have a new pump put in again on Monday February 1, 2010.  S. Masteller spoke to Met-Ed about getting a Voltage meter put on but it will be three to four weeks to install it.  The past last pump was put in March 2008.


Motion to approve check to R. Raab Well Drilling Inc. $4,587.60 (Well #3 pump replacement) – E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve.  R. Scott seconded.  Unanimous

Motion to approve check to Steve’s Garage $2,460.00 (Remanufactured transmission for dump truck, the total estimated quote is $3,429.20) – E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve.  J. Panasiuk seconded.  Unanimous

Motion to approve the 2009 Exoneration List for the Per Capita tax and also the unpaid Per Capita accounts K. Weiss motioned to approve. J. Panasiuk seconded.  Unanimous

Today, Thursday February 11, 2009, the Borough office received the Quaint Oak Bank plans for signatures plus the Check for Utilities.  S. Masteller will distribute them for signatures.




R. Scott motioned to approve bills as listed.  K. Weiss seconded.  Unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.  Next Council Meeting will be March 10, 2010 at 7:30 pm.

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