April 2012 Council Minutes

President Thomas E. Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:30 p.m. April 11, 2012. Following the Pledge of Allegiance a roll call was taken.  PRESENT: Edward Bartosiewicz, Rodney Scott, Thomas Stinnett, Kathleen Weiss and Mayor Stokes   K. Weiss motioned to approve the minutes of the March 14th, 2012 Council Meeting and E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  Unanimous.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Letter was read dated March 20th, 2012 from Riegelsville Public Library giving their 2012 operating budget and the 2011 Financial Statement.

Letter was read dated March 21st, 2012 from Bucks County Department of Health notice to new property owner of parcel #38-004-002

Letter was read dated March 21st, 2012 from Nockamixon Township board of supervisors requesting Fire Police services for the Palisades Community Foundation 5K race to be held at Palisades High School, Saturday, May 5, 2012.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve T. Stinnett seconded   Unanimous

Letter was read dated March 27th, 2012 Kiwanis Club of Riegelsville concerning the fall car show.

Letter was read dated April 2, 2012, Bucks County Controller’s office audit of Magisterial District

07-3-03 year ended December 31, 2011.


President – T. Stinnett reported to Council that he will be out of town until Saturday April 21.  Water supplies have been order for the St Lawrence water work.  K & K has started working on the Borough Chimney.

Mayor – Nothing to report

CITIZENS COMMENTS:  K. Weiss reported to Council that Borough Resident Walt Wooden passed away on Thursday April 5th, 2012. W. Wooden was on the Riegelsville Recreation Board, Borough Council and Borough Zoning Hearing Board.  


Community Affairs: Ed Bartosiewicz called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm on March 21, 2012 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.  Members Present:  Ed Bartosiewicz, Rich Pursell, Rodney Scott, Tom Stinnett and Kathie Weiss Others Present:  Sherry Masteller

Zoning:  K. Clayton, zoning officer, reported to council that a letter has been sent to 530 Easton Road in reference to the temporary covering on the roof.  919 Easton Road was issued a sign permit. Letter was sent to 530 Easton road in reference to the temporary roof tarp.

            Fire Co. News:  E. Bartosiewicz reported that Fire Co. Breakfast is Sunday April 15, 2012 8am to 12:30pm.  Fish-fry Fridays continues until April 6th, 5pm to 7pm.  The Fire Co. sold 2 trucks and is getting a Rescue Pumper Truck.

            Library News:  Library Treasurer, Debbie Jo Mitchell reported to council the February/March minutes. Egg Hunt on April 6th at 1pm, Borough Park. Hoagie Sale April 24th Election Day. April will start movies in the meeting room.  2012 State and Federal tax forms have arrived. Those Federal forms that we don’t have can be copied from our master forms binder. A replica of the Hunger Games training center (from the very popular book series Hunger Games) will take place on March 22, 5-7pm in the Community Room.  Open to all ages.

            February Statistics:

      Walk-in patrons: 697

      Circulation: 1,301

      E-book checkouts: 80

      E-book users (new registrations):3

      Items lent out (In-County):239

      Items Borrowed (In-County): 288

       Public Computers/Wi-Fi Use: 57

      Historic Room Visits: 4

      Tax Form requests: 45

      Total Cardholders: 1,037

      Collection size: 16,639items (9,723 adult +6,916 Easy, Juvenile & Young Adult)

            Riegelsville Enhancement Committee (REC) News: E. Bartosiewicz got the hardware to put up the Bulletin board down at the pedestrian bridge.

            EMS News:  Ed Bartosiewicz attended the meeting which is the third Monday of each month. Ed will try to attend the April meeting.

      Rec Board News:  The next fundraiser is set for March 25th Filled Basket Bingo.  The Rec Board will have a Girls B team and a T-Ball team this year. Practice will begin as soon as the weather breaks.

Riegelsville Emergency Management: Nothing to report, S. Masteller will remind Dave Nadeau to send the Borough a monthly update.             

 Utilities: R. Scott called the meeting to order on March 21, 2012 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall

Members Present:   Rodney Scott, Ed Bartosiewicz, Rich Pursell, Thomas Stinnett and Kathie Weiss

Others Present:   Sherry Masteller

Citizen Comments:  None to report

Discussions:  PennDot has a site meeting for the relocation of the poles at the temporary canal bridge project on Friday April 6, 2012 11:00am to 12:30pm. Remarks: T. Stinnett attended the meeting and reported to Council that bids will be going out the end of June for the temporary bridge project and will be ready by the end of October 2012. Then in the spring of 2013 work will begin on the Canal Bridge and be completed by winter of 2013.

Parcel 38-004-002 sold for $85,000.00 to Andrew D. Hulshizer.

Paul Singh, Contractor answers questions from Council in reference to his proposal for the Borough’s masonry chimney. 

Streets & Properties: Rich Pursell called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm on April 4, 2012 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.

Members Present:

Rich Pursell, Ed Bartosiewicz Rodney Scott, Thomas Stinnett and Kathleen Weiss Others Present: Sherry Masteller

Comments from the citizens:  None to report


            R. Pursell reported to Council that he spoke to Ron Martin, PennDot Supervisor in reference to the pipe that feeds water into the river from the drains on 611 that needs to be repaired. R. Martin said he would go and look at the pipe and see if they could assist in the repairs.

            Council discussed the Chimney replacement and unanimously decided to do a masonry chimney outside and give the job to K&K Contracting.

            Nockamixon Township board of supervisors has voted to request that the Riegelsville Borough Council authorize the services of its Fire Police during the Palisades Community Foundation 5K race to be held at Palisades High School, Saturday, May 5, 2012. S. Masteller will add this to the Council agenda on April 11, 2012.

            County of Bucks Department of Health sent a letter to the new property owner of the violation on parcel 38-004-002 Easton road.

Finance:  Kathie Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:38pm on April 4, 2012 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall. Members Present:  Rich Pursell, Kathie Weiss, Ed Bartosiewicz, Rodney Scott and Thomas Stinnett Others Present:Mayor Stokes and Sherry Masteller

Comments from the Citizens:   None to report


            S. Masteller attended the “Communicating in the 21st Century” seminar, they suggested all municipalities should have a website, Face book and twitter account since the majority of residents are using the internet to communicate.

            Liquid fuels money will not be here until April 17th, the funds are used to pay street lights and traffic light met-ed bills.  T. Macaluso may need to hold the electric bills a few days.

            T. Stinnett reported that there is a growing list of municipalities that are considering a challenge to Act 13 of 2012.

            Treasurer’s report was discussed.


            Approval of Check $1134.99($567.50 from GF & $567.49 from WC) to Riegelsville Auto Care LLC for loader repair. E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve and second R. Scott    Unanimous

            Approval of Resolution R-02-12 Borough of Riegelsville, declaring its intent to follow the schedules and procedures for disposition of records as set forth in the Municipal records manual approved on December 17, 2008.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to approve R. Scott Seconded    Unanimous

            Approval of Resolution R-03-12 Borough of Riegelsville authorizes the disposition of 13 boxes: 20012004 Income Statements, Accounts Payable Files, Balance Sheets, Bank Statements, Cancelled Checks, Check Registers, Deposit Slips, Water Paid Receipts, and Water Correspondence – 4 Boxes 

 Tax Collector Office 1993 – 2004 Tax Duplicates, Tax Payments, Bill of Taxes, Tax Certifications, change of Address, Lien Lists, Exonerations, Occupation Tax Lists, Real Estate Transfer Records, Paid Receipt Tax Bills,  Tax Collector Monthly Report to Taxing Districts – 9 Boxes     R. Scott motioned to approve

NEW BUSINESS:  None to report

APPROVAL OF BILLS:     K. Weiss motioned to approve bills as listed.  R. Pursell seconded.  

Meeting adjourned 8:35 PM  Next Council meeting is May 9th, 2012

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