December 2011 Council Minutes

President Thomas E. Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:30 p.m. December 14, 2011. Following the Pledge of Allegiance a roll call was taken.  PRESENT: Edward Bartosiewicz, Rodney Scott, Thomas Stinnett, Kathleen Weiss and Mayor Stokes ABSENT: John Panasiuk

K. Weiss motioned to approve the minutes of the November 9, 2011 Council Meeting and R. Scott seconded.  Unanimous.


Letter dated November 30, 2011 from Bucks County Conservation District for review of the Erosion and sediment pollution plan for St Lawrence R.C. Church plans.

Letter dated December 1, 2011 from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Public official’s invitation.

Letter not dated from the Bucks County Emergency quarterly training.

Letter dated December 14, 2011 from John Panasiuk; Borough Councilperson stating that as of January 1, 2012 he will be resigning from Borough Council. E. Bartosiewicz motioned to accept J. Panasiuk resignation with much regret R. Scott seconded Unanimous.

Letter dated December 14, 2011 from Todd Myers, Borough Engineer in reference to the St Lawrence Catholic Church plan review.

Letter dated December 14, 2011 from C. Clayton, Borough Zoning Officer reference to the Zoning hearing for 671-673 Easton road is unnecessary after additional review. This is covered under Section 701 (a.) (4), uses permitted by right.


President – Nothing to report

Mayor – Nothing to report


State Police Sergeant Eric J. Turk introduced himself to Council and asked if anyone had any specific problems within Borough.  There have been a few complaints about the noise at the Riegelsville Tavern. Excessive speeding continues on Delaware Road. Kiwanis car show burnouts. Sergeant Turk stated he has some different ideas that will help with the car show. Council invited Sergeant Turk to attend the Community affairs meeting on January 18th.  The Riegelsville Kiwanis will also be attending the meeting.  Sergeant Turk stated that they have had more of a presence in the Borough especially certain times of the day for speeding on 611 and Delaware Road.


Community Affairs: Bid Opening for Backhoe: Borough advertised October 31, 2011 and November 4, 2011 for “Request for Bid” Competitive sealed Bid for Case Backhoe. Borough received one sealed bid from Estate of Webster Lines for 1998 #580 Super L Series 2 loader Backhoe asking price $16,800.00.  K. Weiss motioned to accept the bid of $16,800.00.  E. Bartosiewicz seconded.  R. Scott abstained-(Conflict of interest). T. Stinnett and J. Panasiuk voted to accept the bid as stated.


Fire Co. News:  E. Bartosiewicz reported that Fire Co. Breakfast is November 20th. Logo was put on the new floor of the Fire House. The Fire Co. sold the rescue truck to Upper Black Eddy Fire Co.

            Zoning:  K. Clayton reported to council that he has spoke to a new tenant for 919 Easton Road, Ringing Rock Brewery.  530 Easton Road roofing material is in question. 141 Delaware Road dead tree and branches on lawn that need to be removed. 

Library News:  Library Board member Estelle Bloom reported to Council the following: A glass panel has replaced the wood in the door to the Historic Room door making it much more inviting to enter. Hoagie sale took place during Election Day.  Haunted walking tours had to be cancelled due to the October 29th snowstorm. The autumn used book sale will be held 11/18, 11/19 and 11/26th.  Joe Coco Concert was rescheduled for December 10th, 2011 at 7:30pm.

            October Statistics:

      Public Count: 627

Circulation: 1,323

Items lent out (In-County): 251

Items Borrowed (In-County): 219

Internet Use: 33

Historic Room Visits: 47

Total Cardholders: 1,062

Collection size: 16,869 items (9,802 adult +6,967 Easy, Juvenile & Young Adult)

Riegelsville Enhancement Committee (REC) News: Checked on funding for the pocket park pavers project. They will be selling painted slates at St John UCC Holiday bazaar.  Possible Hoagie sale for super bowl Sunday.

            EMS News:  They are still seeking a member for the board from Riegelsville. They have not had a quorum for passing minutes in a few months.

Rec Board News:  Due to not having electric the rec board did not sell concessions during the car show. The next fundraiser is set for March 25th Filled Basket Bingo. Stephanie Thompson stated she would be able to help with that event.

Stephanie Thompson, Borough resident presented to Council a handout with “ideas for increasing communication between the Borough and the Community”. S. Thompson stated that there are many affordable means to communicate in a timely manor before/during an emergency situation in the borough. Audrey Kenny, Borough Resident would also be willing to help with this endeavor.  Council continued to discuss this and would like the Emergency Management team to join the meeting on January 18th, 2012. F. Preedy will get S. Masteller information on non-traffic violations for the Borough so they are valid.  Welcome packet was discussed for new residents moving into the Borough.  John Baker, Borough resident would like to also use verbal communication with a block watch team. J. Baker will get S. Masteller information so a flyer can be put together.

Utilities: Well #1 and #2 are still waiting for Met-ed to put up a new pole and transformers so both wells can run.  D. Meade is monitoring this issue.

Borough Boiler is banging so S. Masteller contacted KC Mechanical to look into this problem.

M. Brady is using W. Dowd’s Leak detector on the water lines in the Borough to see if there are any leaks.

Borough office will be closed Black Friday November 25th, 2011.  M. Brady will be off November 21 to 25th, 2011.

Streets and Properties: Council suggested putting the Generator Adaptor proposal for Well #3 on the January Council agenda.

The new borough hall boiler has been inspected and a suggestion from KC Mechanical is to insulate the remaining pipes in the boiler room.  M. Brady said that he could take care of this.

There is a window in the Library that has a small crack. M. Brady stated that the window does not have a storm window.  Council suggested putting packing tape on it until spring.

St Peter’s Lutheran Church will be putting out luminaries again this year near property sidewalks and would like to put them from Delaware River Bridge to the church.  They will be picked up by the day after Christmas.  Council suggested giving the property owners a note saying what they are doing.

Matt would like to request to Council that the Borough could use a carport type covering for the loader next to the Borough garage. R. Scott will look into this project with M. Brady.

Department of Health sent a letter to Borough in reference to Craig Cardone’s re-assignment of flows for an apartment.  The assigned minimum flow for a residential status is 400 gallons per day. Although this does allow for up to (3) bedrooms, which this Department does acknowledge adequate septic service, it may be prudent to utilize (2) bedroom status.

Borough office received the Pennsylvania State Police of Dublin activity report from August, September and October 2011.

Finance: A letter was received from Andrew Hulshizer in reference to the 27.89 acres at the South End of the Borough that is for sale. S. Masteller will contact A. Hulshizer to answer his questions.

There is a house bill #291 in reference to Municipal funds that would amend Title 53 to increase non-bid contract maximums and to provide for the annual indexing and adjusting of these figures for inflation.

A letter was written to DCNR asking for a time extension to finish the master site plans grant since we have not heard from Spots, Stevens and McCoy since Joe Pinky is no longer with the firm.

Council sent a letter of support to the New Nurture Nature Center in Easton, PA.

A letter was written to Berkheimer to terminate them collecting the Boroughs LST tax.

Council would like to invite the Riegelsville Kiwanis to the January 18, 2012 Community affairs meeting to discuss the Car show.  S. Masteller will send a letter inviting the officers to the meeting.

S. Masteller will contact Met-Ed to see about changing the wattage to a few street lights that are shining in borough homes since they were changed.

Borough office received a letter from Bucks County Board of assessment appeals for 1274 Easton Road (Riegelsville tavern) announcing the appeal hearing date of September 15, 2011 and the notice was dated September 26, 2011. T. Macaluso sent a letter to the board asking for clarification on this hearing.


Approval to adopt the proposed 2012 Budget. E. Bartosiewicz motioned to adopt K. Weiss seconded   Unanimous

Approval to adopt Ordinance #221 – 2012 Tax Rate 11.75 mills K. Weiss motioned to adopt R. Scott seconded Unanimous

Approval of refund Check for $900.00 to Craig Cardone (Zoning Hearing not needed as per K. Clayton, Zoning officer) K. Weiss motioned to approve E. Bartosiewicz seconded Unanimous


NEW BUSINESS: None to report


APPROVAL OF BILLS:     K. Weiss motioned to approve bills as listed R. Scott seconded E. Bartosiewicz abstained only from check#9481 for $ 490.00 to himself the rest of the bills he approved    T. Stinnett voted yes to pay the bills as listed.




Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM


Reorganization meeting is January 3, 2012

Next Council meeting January 11, 2012

NO Streets/Properties and Finance meeting on January 4, 2012


Re-Org meeting


The organization meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council was called to order on January 3, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Gregory Stokes.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken.  PRESENT:  Thomas Stinnett, Kathleen Weiss, Edward Bartosiewicz.  Absent:  R. Scott.

Mayor Stokes issued the oath of office for newly elected Council members Thomas Stinnett and Kathleen Weiss.  Mayor Stokes asked for nominations for President of Council.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to appoint T. Stinnett as President of Council.  K. Weiss seconded.  Unanimous.

Mayor Stokes asked for nominations for Vice President of Council.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to appoint Kathleen Weiss as Vice President of Council.  T. Stinnett seconded.  Unanimous.

Mayor Stokes turned the chair over to President Stinnett who then read a list of appointments of those people is currently holding them. Council members noted that the position of President Pro Tempore was vacant so T. Stinnett suggested placing Council member R. Scott in this position.  K. Weiss then motioned to appoint the list below.   E. Bartosiewicz seconded.   Unanimous

Borough Secretary– Sherry Masteller

                                    Borough Treasurer- Tammy Macaluso

Depositories – First Savings Bank of Perkasie &

                                                             PA Local Government Investment Trust

Auditor – Campbell, Rappold & Yurasits

                                    Solicitor – Eastburn & Gray

Engineer – Cowan Associates, Inc.

Water System Operator – RMR Consulting, Inc.

Zoning Office/Building Inspector – Keystone Municipal Services

Ordinance Enforcement Official – Matthew Brady

President Pro Tempore – Rodney Scott

Vacancy Board Chairperson –Allen Madnick

                                    Tax Collection Committee (TCC) delegates-

Primary voting delegate: Thomas Stinnett

First alternate: Kathleen Weiss

Second alternate: Edward Bartosiewicz

President Stinnett read a list of Board members of those people who are currently holding them.  E. Bartosiewicz motioned to appoint K. Weiss seconded Unanimous

Zoning Hearing Board- 3 year seat

David Masteller

Allen Madnick

Maryanne Rodenberger (Alt.)

Planning Commission- 4 year seat

Peter Ryan

John Panasiuk

Library Board- 3 year seat

Pat McEvoy

Pam Lazor

Estelle Bloom

Recreation Board-4 year seat

Sherry Masteller

Dirk Odhner

Edward Bartosiewicz

BOCA Board of Appeals- 5 year seat

Edward Norman Jr.

Glenn Hissim

Michael Craig

Greg Ort-Alt.

Emergency Management

David Nadeau-Coordinator

Frank Preddy-Assist. Coordinator

Adam Maziuk

David Gerstenberg

K. Weiss motioned to adopt the current Borough Bylaws from 1994.  E. Bartosiewicz              seconded.  Unanimous.


T. Stinnett stated that the Committees of Council will be as follows:

E. Bartosiewicz- Streets/Properties

Vacant- Community Affairs

K. Weiss- Finance

R. Scott- Utilities

T. Stinnett said that the committee assignments will be looked at further once the vacancy on Council is filled/

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

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