May 2019 Council Minutes

President Thomas E. Stinnett called the regular meeting of the Riegelsville Borough Council to order at 7:03p.m. May 8, 2019.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken.  PRESENT: Thomas Stinnett, Ed Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Ann P. Moyer, Rodney Scott, Mayor Stokes and Todd Myers, Borough Engineer.

Bartosiewicz motioned to approve the Council minutes from April 10, 2019. R. Scott Seconded.   Unanimous.


Borough office received Riegelsville Community Fire Co Station 42 April 2019 Fire response.

BC Board of Elections- Municipal Primary May 21, 2019. Riegelsville Borough Hall is polling place. 7am-8pm.

Met-Ed 2019 Tree trimming program is underway.


President – T. Stinnett had nothing to report.

Mayor Mayor Stokes spoke to State Police Sgt Thomas in reference to increased speeding on Delaware Road and Route 611 and they will be patrolling at different times. The report back from the State Police was that they did hand out 1 speeding ticket.

COMMENTS OF CITIZENS:  2-Borough residents present.

Robin Robinson, BC Recorder of Deeds introduced herself to Council and discussed the “Bucks County Adopt-A-Book Program” the process of saving history by restoring old deed books. In order to accomplish this we are asking for the assistance from the friends of Bucks County. The power point was very informative and showed how the books are currently stored and the process to restore them in Vermont and be stored in a new area of the current BC Recorder of Deeds building.  R. Robinson showed Council 2 repaired books.

Community Affairs-

Ann P Moyer called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm on April 17, 2019 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.

Members Present:  Ann P Moyer, E. Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Rodney Scott and Tom Stinnett.

Others Present:   Jim Kopchak-Borough Zoning Officer, Frank Preedy-EMS Coordinator and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

Concerns from citizens:   1 borough resident present, Amber Campbell wanted to know if there is any update for the trail. T. Stinnett will ask Todd Myers, Borough Engineer to update us for the next meeting on May 1, 2019.


Zoning: Jim Kopchak, Borough Zoning Officer reported to Council April 2019 report:

  • Permits: 1-In ground pool and 2- Re-roof Building permits: 1-In ground pool Zoning permit.
  • Jim discussed with Council the proposed Heffley Bill HB 349 (This Bill is currently in the Senate Committee) this Bill will cause hardship for Municipalities like Riegelsville who use a 3rd party inspection agency to enforce the UCC.  Please contact your State Senator to oppose this legislation.
  • Enforcement Activities

129 Maplewood Rd.-“Stop-Work Order” awaiting construction documents.

113 Delaware Rd. – waiting on permits.

141 Easton Rd. – property maintenance violation, appears to be cleaned up February 13, 2019

320 Delaware Rd. – property maintenance violation, compliance date is today March 20, 2019.

530 Easton Rd. complaint junk cars on property, compliance date is May 8, 2019, Property owner requested a 90 day extension of time for compliance.

Library News: Borough office received the March 2019 Directors report, the minutes have been filed in the Borough office.  Ann Moyer read the minutes to Council.

  • The new copier will be installed on April 12.
  • Cooper mechanical will be coming on April 24 to perform annual ac checkups.
  • Brewfest is set for Saturday September 28, 2019, planning is underway.
  • Looking for a volunteer Treasurer.
  • Book sale dates needed to be changed due to Primary Election on May 21 this year, new dates are May 31, June 1st and 8th.
  • Our “Unwind and Uncork” fundraiser with Villa Milagro, June 1.
  • Summer Quest planning has begun, this year is “Outer Space Theme”. More info to come from Becky.

Proposed Walking Trail: No update.

Fire Co. News:

  • Next breakfast is Sunday May 19.
  • Fish Fry Friday Dinners are a big success until April 19.
  • Ed reported that a lot of the Firemen are taking Fire Fighter 1 and Fire Fighter 2 training, there are a few new volunteers.

Riegelsville Enhancement Committee News:

  • Memorial bench for Elaine was received, when Matt has time he will put it together.

UBREMS News: Ed reported that they are looking for 2 new stations to replace the current locations.

Rec Board News: Rodney reported to Council,

  • The next Rec board meeting is set for Monday April 22 at 5pm.
  • Ed and Rodney met with Dr Stokes & Tim Kulp to discuss the baseball field.
  • The faucet in the stand & the roof needs to be fixed.

Riegelsville Emergency Management: Frank Preedy reported to Council that the reservoirs are currently over full, the Delaware River was over 15 feet but has already started to recede.

  • Frank met with State Rep Ullman – the topic was mostly Fireman’s relief funds.

Riegelsville Planning Commission: During the April 1 meeting, they looked over the wireless 5G information.


  • “Friends of the Delaware Canal” kayaking in the Delaware Canal has become a lot easier thanks to a contribution made by Riegelsville Borough Council years ago. The donation was used to purchase three Kaya-Arms for the Canal docks at Groundhog Lock, just north of Riegelsville, and Durham Aqueduct and Lock, just south of Riegelsville.
  • Ann met with the Riegelsville elected Constable Walter Szablowski and discussed what his role is as Constable. Ann suggested he attends a Community Affairs meeting to introduce himself to Council.  Council agreed.
  • Meeting adjourned 7:53 pm.         Next meeting May 15, 2019   7pm


Rodney Scott called the Utilities meeting to order at 7:54 pm on April 17, 2019 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.

Members Present:   Rodney Scott, Ed Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Ann P Moyer and Tom Stinnett.

Others Present:   Jim Kopchak-Borough Zoning Officer, Frank Preedy-EMS Coordinator and Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

Concerns from Citizens:  One Borough resident present.


P3 Generator Services is looking into the Borough Building Generator Sensor replacement or new generator.

Rodney & Sonny met with Ian- Hickory High Tree Service to get an estimate for trimming trees up at Well 1&2, dead spruce at the Borough Hall building and trim by our open space near 429 Poplar Road.  The estimate will be added to Council meeting on May 8, 2019.  The fence at the end of Linden Lane will need to be removed for the equipment to get thru.

Sherry will contact C & K landscaping to also mow the park at pedestrian bridge and the small parking lot when he is doing the Delaware Road parking lot.

Hydrant Flushing May 6-10th.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:20 pm

Next meeting May 15, 2019

Streets & Properties-

Ed Bartosiewicz called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm on May 1, 2019 at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.

Members Present:

Ed Bartosiewicz, Kate Brandes, Rodney Scott and Tom Stinnett

Others Present:

Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

Comments from Citizens:   No Borough residents present.


The Ash Lane water line project just needs to tie-in to 611.

Tentatively Friday May 3, the front railing by stairs/ at 611 in front of the Borough building will be added.

The Borough received a few calls asking what St Lawrence is doing clearing out trees & brush by the Open Space right of way.  Sherry emailed the Church secretary and he said “General clean-up overgrown area for aesthetic purposes, no worries”.

Trail update: We received approval by the BC Conservation District for Erosion & Sediment pollution

control. We should receive the PNDI Environmental review soon. Bid packets are being worked on while waiting on final approvals.

Borough Council needs to discuss a “no right turn” signs on the Delaware Road Hill with the Borough Engineer. Sherry emailed Borough solicitor to ask if an ordinance is needed,” yes an ordinance because it would constitute a “legislative act” of “[r]egulating the conduct of a person or entity within the borough and imposing penalties for violation of the regulated conduct.”  8 Pa. C.S.A. 3301.1(b)(5).

            Ed reported to Council that Matt and his crew have been filling in holes on roads and alleys.  Crack sealing has started too.

Meeting adjourned 7:19 pm

Next Streets/Properties meeting will be held on June 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the Riegelsville Borough Hall.


Kate Brandes called the meeting to order on May 1, 2019 at 7:56 pm at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.

Members Present:

Kate Brandes, Ed Bartosiewicz, Rodney Scott and Tom Stinnett.

Others Present: 

Sherry Masteller-Borough Secretary.

Comment from Citizens:   No one present.


Keystone grant paperwork was mailed April 18, was received in Harrisburg on Monday April 22.

Council discussed the Fire Co & the Borough’s insurance.  The Fire Co should add the Borough as additionally insured since the Borough owns the building.

Council looked over the finances.

Meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Next Finance meeting will be held June 5, 2019 immediately following Streets/Properties at the Riegelsville Borough Hall.


Approval of quote Total $6900.00 ($1600.00 Water Co, $5300.00 General Fund) to Hickory High Tree Service, Tree clearance at Well 1&2, Dead spruce at Borough Hall and Open Space behind Poplar Road.  Scott motioned to approve. A. P Moyer seconded. Unanimous.

            Todd Myers, Borough Engineer reported to Council the trail plot plan cannot be changed since all the permitting has been approved. Council approved the bid packet to be sent to Penn.

            Todd will put together the cost estimate for the Small Durham Road parking lot and the Spring Hill water line project.

            Todd will put together a curve geometrical diagram for the “No right turn” at the traffic light project                     

NEW BUSINESS:  Backhoe needs repairs.

APPROVAL OF BILLS:  R. Scott motioned to approve bills.  K. Brandes seconded. Unanimous.

Next regular Council Meeting June 12, 2019   7:00pm.

 Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM.

Sherry Masteller

Borough Secretary

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