New FEMA Floodplain Maps


Riegelsville Borough is in receipt of preliminary copies of the recently updated FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map, or DFIRM and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report.  This information, in conjunction with other thematic data, could change existing Federal and local floodplain management policies, insurance purchase and rating requirements and many other planning applications.  During the process of preparing this data, Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) have been added or modified. FEMA has prepared this DFIRM using a process that involves capturing flood hazard data in a digital format and plotting map panels using computer technology.  In so doing, they have incorporated all non revised floodplain data from all previously effective Flood Hazard Boundary Maps, Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and Flood Boundary and Floodway Maps.

Of importance to Riegelsville residents located in flood prone areas is the fact that your flood insurance rates, and other permit requirements, may be affected by the new DFIRMS.   These maps are now available for public inspection in the Borough office Monday thru Friday 9am to 3pm.  Zoning Officer, Kip Clayton may need to answer in-depth questions you may have and his hours are Wednesdays 9am to noon except the Third Wednesday 5~8pm.   There will be a ninety (90) day public appeal period as announced by FEMA at a later date.  Residents are encouraged to review these maps at your earliest convenience prior to them being implemented by FEMA and the township.

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