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An historical landmark agreement has been reached that will transfer Riegelsville students from the Easton Area School District to the Palisades School District in 2013. The two school districts and RTEC agreed to a transfer beginning July 1, 2013. In exchange for delaying the start date, both districts agreed not to appeal and to support the transfer as the case moves on to the State Board of Education.

RTEC’s priority and focus will now be to work with both districts to ensure a smooth transition for all the children in Riegelsville. This includes keeping students enrolled in EASD who wish to finish out their education there. Palisades and Easton will both be assigning liaisons to work with RTEC specifically on this matter.

The official court order agreed upon this Thursday will be completed within the week. We hope the State Board of Education will have it in time for their March meeting. The State BOE will then form a special committee to review our case in its entirety. They may hold special meetings within the Borough. When the BOE has conducted a thorough investigation, they will then render their decision. RTEC believes with the support of the two districts this will be a positive outcome.

The financial agreements between the districts include PSD paying EASD $1.4 million over a four year period ($350,000 per year). Palisades will begin collecting school taxes from Riegelsville residents in 2013. With the Riegelsville tax monies totaling over $1 million dollars, Palisades will have a positive revenue stream resulting from this transfer, even during their first four repayment years.

The financial benefits to Riegelsville taxpayers will also begin in 2013. The 2011 millage rates for the two school districts were as follows: EASD 161.211 and PSD 110.340. This 50.871 mill decrease will save Riegelsville homeowners an average of $1,000 per household per year. For example, if your assessed home value is $20,000 you will save $1,017.42 if your assessed value is $15,000 you will save $880.65 each year. Collectively, Riegelsville will save over $400,000 every year.

RTEC sincerely looks forward to working with the school districts and community members in making this time of change a positive one for all involved. RTEC welcomes any questions or concerns anyone may have at

or to:

Damion Newton Maureen Woerner Kathy Anderson


610.749.0256 610.749.2725 610.749.2110

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